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What The Truck | Brisbane’s Best Food Trucks

By Kim Barnard
9th Mar 2018


It’s safe to say that Brisbane food trucks are not really a novelty anymore. It seems like every other day another one pops up in our fair city. (Not that we’re complaining.)

This endless food truck stream does create a bit of a conundrum, though, because there are only so many hours in the day, which means you need to do some serious prioritising when it comes to which one to hit up for lunch.

Never fear, because we’ve done the research (and then some) and have chosen the best 12 food trucks in Brisbane (or at least the top ones this week) for your eating pleasure.

BYO wet wipes, stretchy pants, a big appetite etcetera etcetera…

The Bone Lorry

If you like food trucks and you like meat, we guarantee you’re going to like The Bone Lorry. Dishing up deliciously meaty dishes with a smile, with a menu that changes weekly, this is definitely one for the list.

Mac From Way Back

Mac From Way Back; it’s a mac and cheese food truck, guys—need we say more? Mac and cheese bowls, mac and cheese burgers, fries loaded with mac and cheese… get around it.

King Of The Wings

If you’ve never heard of King of the Wings then you’ve obviously never eaten from a food truck before… so… welcome. Arguably the most iconic Brisbane food truck, these legends have been on the scene for a few years now. KOTW never fails to deliver tasty, American-style chicken wings they are now famous for. Unmissable.

Fuel By Salts Meat Cheese

Salts Meats Cheese is in Brisbane now—in case you’ve forgotten—and it’s about bloody time. They’ve come with a food truck in tow, Fuel, and the result is as delicious as you’d expect. Think perfect Napoli-style pizzas, Italian fries, dessert calzone (we’re talking much Nutella, people) and a range of charcuterie and cheeses that’ll have you weak at the knees.

brisbane's best food trucks


Yes, it’s another pizza option, we’re sorry. But it would be absolutely criminal not to include Pizzantica on this list. Their pizzas are the best in the biz and they are absolute legends to boot. Book them for your next party and thank us later. (Get the Aperol Spritz option!)

Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van

An old school ice cream truck serving traditional soft serve with all the trimmings, Ruby is just what you want to see outside your office when you’re trying to power through the mid-arvo slump. We’re partial to classic vanilla with a flake, but you do you, no judgement.


Toasties, grilled cheese, hot sandwiches (not a thing), whatever you like to call them, Cheeselane is here for you. Serving up gourmet toasted cheese sangas on sourdough and using only the best Aussie cheeses, this Brisbane food truck keeps it simple in the best way. Get the three cheese toastie and live your best life.

Rolls Fo Mi

We may never be able to pronounce Pho the way we’re supposed to, but that won’t stop us eating it! Rolls Fo Mi is a Vietnamese food truck dishing up Pho (Fah? Furrrr?), as well as rice paper rolls and banh mi (with handmade mayo and pate!). They’ve also got some choice salads and treats and we’ve never met a Vietnamese iced coffee we didn’t like.

Juan More Taco

Aside from having a name that’s fun to say (although for us it’s usually more like two or three more tacos), Juan More Taco serves authentic Mexican eats like you’ve never tasted this side of Oaxaca. Their hearty tacos chock-a-block full of fresh fillings, perfectly flavoured meats and delicious salsas are highly addictive—and everything is made from scratch!

Ze Quickle

If you're a fan of Brisbane burger mecca, Ze Pickle, then you'll be pretty stoked to hear that they've just brought out a brand spankin' new food truck! You can find them at Green Beacon most weekends, but stay tuned for more updates as they find their feet. You can expect their signature burgers, bubble gum lemonade and more! 

Vira Lata

Brisbane food truck, Vira Lata is our hangry saviour. Halloumi hot dogs, loaded Brazilian fries, epic wings... We don't have much else to say other than, Vira, you’re our hero. Be sure to check out their Tuesday night $10 cheeseburger special, too. Brisket, cheese, and their special Brazillian sauce.

The Bun Mobile

If you've somehow missed the food trend memo, bao buns (aka Taiwanese steam buns) are the shit right now. The crew behind The Bun Mobile have a loyal following, thanks to their ever-changing menu and delicious ingredient combo, literally following them around town to get a bite of their epic baos! Keep your eyes peeled and your appetites ready.

Mr Burger

Melbourne's iconic burger food truck, Mr Burger has made a home for itself in Brisbane! Their iconic orange and white truck serves up much-loved classics like their MrCheese burgers, loaded fries, sumptious milkshakes and double patties (for those that like a challenge). So, thanks Melbourne, we may not care for your weather, but we'll take a famous food truck any day! 

Image credit: Hayley Williamson; Grace Elizabeth Images for The Urban List

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