Turning Up The Heat | Brisbane’s Best Katsu Curry

By Rachel Lay
16th Mar 2018

Katsu curry may have a rep as a bit of a cheap, quick and easy meal that goes a little too light on gourmet flavours and a little too heavy on the salt. But, the age of the humble katsu curry is long gone; the curries of today are all about crispy, golden katsu chicken and smooth, flavoursome curry sauce. It’s now an undeniable hit of flavour that packs a serious punch.

So, we’ve rounded up the best of the best katsu curries in Brisbane to spare you the gross ones. You’re welcome.

#1. Motto Motto

Mt Gravatt

Motto Motto love a good katsu curry. There’s the classic option, with rice in a bowl that you can opt to have with crispy, golden panko-crumbed pork, chicken or vegetables. Yay for vego options! There’s also the panko katsu roll option, that’s packed full of crispy golden katsu chicken, curry sauce and picked cucumber. Sounds weird, but it’s super yum and a top contender for the best katsu curry in Brisbane.

#2. Bird’s Nest

West End

Bird’s Nest's katsu curry is a winner, for sure. The housemade tare-infused chicken curry is a far from the curry of your uni days, trust us. Topped with crispy fried panko crumbed chicken, pickles and a side of miso soup, you can’t go wrong with this option. Plus, the miso soup is unlimited here, so slurp to your heart’s content.

#3. Kadoya


Kadoya, in Elizabeth Arcade, dishes up seriously good katsu curry, without the expensive price tag but with all the flavour. If you’re into spice, try the national level spicy or the extra hot options – they’re damn spicy. Take our word for it.

#4. Edamame

St Lucia

Edamame is a uni student staple, given they’re just down the road from the uni. Forget the uni student label though, these guys are also behind CBD fave, Bonsai Botanika and know a thing or two about delivering epic Japanese flavours. The katsu here is super crispy, fresh and the perfect antidote to a rainy day, or just a craving for the good stuff.

#5. Top Noodle


Sunnybank fave, Top Noodle, can whip up a mean katsu curry. It’s crispy, the sauce is rich and packed full of carrots and onions (the best part?). Plus, they do takeaway so you can enjoy it on your couch with a side of Netflix and PJs. Winning!

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Image credit: Kton

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