Slurp It Up | Brisbane’s Best Ramen

By Siobhan Taylor - 15 Aug 2017

There are moments when writing for The Urban List is truly amazing; sampling bowls of Brisbane's best ramen in the name of “research” is one of those moments.

Like many other Brisbanites, I approach ramen with the same reverence and inquisitiveness that others approach art. A good bowl of ramen happens when the broth, noodles, and fixings come together to create a mouth-watering dish, and lucky enough for us, Brisbane is home to some of the best.

Say sayōnara to instant ramen and too-salty broth, and kon’nichiwa to Brisbane’s best ramen!

Taro’s Ramen

CBD and Ascot

Taro’s Ramen is often regarded as some of the best ramen in Australia and when you first taste the broth of their Tonkotsu ramen you immediately understand why. Using only the finest locally sourced produce (such as Bangalow Sweetpork and Wagyu beef from their local butcher), and with noodles prepared in house, a bowl of Taro’s ramen is like a cosy, warm hug. And just from me to you – this is my personal #1 pick for Brisbane’s best ramen.

Genkotsu Ramen

Toowong and Runcorn

Genkotsu Ramen is authentic. Honestly. From the team behind Genkotsu, to the 12-hour brewed broth and overnight marinated eggs, everything about Genkotsu feels traditional. I can’t wait until winter so I can tuck into a warm bowl of shoyu ramen on a dreary day.

Cheeky Poke Bar


Our wild card entry, Cheeky Poke may be most known for their colourful and nourishing poké bowls, but it's their bone broth ramens that we're secretly frothing over. While this is not one for the purists, we defy anyone who doesn't fall for their coconut, lemongrass, and chilli bone broth. Have it with the pork gyoza as a topping—lush.

Bonsai Botanika

Brisbane CBD

Bonsai Botanika serves up an eclectic fare of Japanese cuisine including café treats, so you might not also realise that they also serve up a hefty (seriously, this thing is big) bowl of authentic tasting ramen. You might struggle to finish the entire thing, but loosen your belt and you’ll be fine.

Hai Hai


Hai Hai is hugely popular with the locals it’s not hard to see why. The servings are generous, the staff are friendly, the charsiu is rich, and if that’s not enough, the vegetarian ramen can be made vegan-friendly! Finally, something for everyone.


Fortitude Valley

There’s a reason we keep going back to Wagaya – there’s so much to choose from! More than just the traditional offerings, they also have Sichuan specialty, Tantan miso ramen, and Sapporo favourite, scallop miso ramen. For those serious about their ramen, you cannot go past Wagaya. So. Much. Choice. 

Hakataya Ramen

Brisbane CBD, Indroopilly, Mt Gravatt and Sunnybank

My first bowl of ramen was at Hakataya in Sunnybank and since then I have been hooked - I will travel all the way across town for Hakataya! Their menu is simple, allowing them to focus on perfecting their broth and noodles, which have to be some of the best in Australia (yep, I’m making that call). Hakataya is a Sunnybank icon, so don’t sweat the long line – it moves quickly.

Ramen Champion


Dining at Ramen Champion is as close as you can get to Tokyo without buying a ticket. If you’re feeling game attempt the Ramen Champion challenge – finish the equivalent of 5 serves of ramen (broth and all!) for eternal bragging rights, your mega serve of ramen for free, and your photo on the wall for eternity. 

Love Japanese food? Here's our round up of Brisbane's best!

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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