15 Of Brisbane’s Best Japanese Restaurants

By Catherine Blake
13th Apr 2021

Japanese Restaurants Brisbane
Whether hot or cold, clean or dirty, hearty or sweet, Japanese is unique in its ability to fit every occasion with the all-encompassing power to keep things fresh, vibrant, and interesting without straying from tradition. How does it do this? No one knows, but the word ‘sorcery’ has been passed around a bit. 
In a city where food trends are always on the in and out, and grown adults get schooled by six-year-olds on the correct pronunciation of ‘phō’, we thought it was time to brush up on Brisbane’s best Japanese restaurants. If you're after a hefty bowl of ramen, you'll find the city's best here, but for all out Japanese feasts, here's where to go. 


Fortitude Valley

That ancient dilemma of how to give the finesse and subtlety of Japanese cuisine an edgy, sexed up vibe has been forever solved by the crew at hôntô. With moody, minimalist interiors with long communal tables and a sleek whiskey bar to drink at while you wait for a seat, this dimly lit Valley spot is the place to tuck into Wagyu beef tartare with kimchi crisps and Moreton Bay bug katsu sandos with salted cabbage. This is Japanese—but not like you’ve ever seen it before. 

Izakana-ya Okuman

South Brisbane

When the hankerings hit, sometimes it takes more than a sushi train to quell the impending anarchy. Enter Izakana-ya Okuman and their transcendent sushi situation: platter on platters of hand-rolled ricey seaweed medallions, each one a bite-sized love letter to your insides.



We’re calling it: Hosokawa is one of the most underrated Japanese restaurants in Brisbane. Fresh fish is the star of the show here, and the sushi rolls and nigiri coming out of the kitchen are some of the best we’ve had the pleasure of tasting. If you’re a sushi fan, get your self to Racecourse Road for some of this action.



Sono is renowned for its teppanyaki, but sushi platters are also a fantastic option for large groups. A traditional Japanese restaurant in Brisbane's north, Sono diners can get their tatami-on and dine at traditional Japanese tables, or at Western-style seating if you’re feeling unadverturous. A section of the sushi menu is dedicated to Aburi sushi—a method of flame searing meats that’s insanely tasty.


West End

The uninitiated would likely baulk at the prospect of a big old bowl of tofu for dinner. If this sounds like you, check your priorities because the first step in self-discovery is Mizu’s signature agedashi tofu. Pad out the rest of your feasting with some cheeky sushi and a couple of bottles of plum wine and paradise comes early.  

Yoko Dining 

Howard Smith Wharves 

Make your way down to Howard Smith Wharves and pay Yoko Dining a visit for a taste of incredible refined and flavour-filled Japanese food. Yoko has it all, river views, a mouth-watering unique menu, and a list of drinks that will give you a taste of Japan—you’ll fall in love with their matcha melon cocktails. Feast on as much soba noodle salad, pork gyozas, miso-glazed eggplant, chicken karaage, and sashimi platters as your heart desires. You’ll also be obsessing over their dessert menu which features a decadent white sesame mochi ice cream and shaved milk.


Brisbane City

Our Japanese correspondent on the corporate strip, Saké’s flair derives from meshing food and art together in eccentric and mind-boggling plates that are almost too good to eat. We always manage to scoff them anyway but not before spending a good four or five awestruck minutes baffling at a pile of food that looks better than we do. Eyes full, our stomachs reap the rewards of the most exquisite Japanese cuisine to hit the riverbank. 

Bird’s Nest Yakitori 

West End, Fortitude Valley and Toowong

At first glance, yakitori seems pretty straightforward, but few places that purport to offer yakitori actually lock it down. Purists require proper yakitori to be grilled on a charcoal fire (take a walk, George Foreman) and this is where Bird’s Nest winkles out its point of difference in a minefield of posers. They proffer authentic yakitori, slamming fries (bonus) and all the sake that you can handle responsibly. 


Spring Hill

From teppanyaki, teriyaki and tempura to katsu, hot pot and sukiyaki, Bishamon Japanese is so suited to your fancies it’s like the Allen key of Brisbane Japanese. The eggplant slathered in sweet miso is an elegant declaration of how best to eat your vegetables, and the gluten free menu means you can bring your GF posse without fear of any sneaky contaminated soy ruining the damn mood. 

Izakaya Goku

West End 

With a warm, wooden exterior, Izakaya Goku affords you all the comfort and privacy you need to make the most of a long-ass boozy lunch. Start out with some okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), quickly foray into the chicken katsu and then step it up with some yuzu pepper steak guaranteed to blow your trumpet. Don’t forget their expansive range of sakes and, of course, Sapporo on tap.

Boom Boom Izakaya


Taking over from The Boom Boom Room, this underground hotspot is a must for all lovers of Japanese cuisine. Boom Boom Izakaya not only boasts a luxe, sultry interior but also a menu that you’ll be daydreaming about for days on end. Barramundi katsu boa burgers, wild scampi with scampi caviar gunkan, and fried silken tofu are among the list of delectable dishes they have to offer. The menu is designed to be ordered in bulk and shared with a group, so grab your friends and dine like royalty in this dreamy space.



It’s hailed as Brisbane’s trove of Japanese food, there is simply no end to the wonders and joys that await you within the pages of Moga's menu. Sashimi, katsu, yakitori, nigiri, tempura—you name it, they’ve got it in spades making it absolutely brilliant for long lunches and dinners with the squad. 



Tucked away in the leafy streets of Teneriffe, Hikari is relatively new to the scene, but already winning over tastebuds everywhere with lunchtime dishes like donburi bowls and okonomi yakisoba—savoury pancakes filled with soba noodles and your choice of meat. It's their izakaya-style dinner menu you'll really want to head in for though, with a range of share plates perfect for knocking back with a Japanese beer.

Yuzu & Co 

New Farm & Milton

Yuzu & Co is a local go-to for fresh, contemporary Japanese dining. Though replete with classic dishes like sushi rolls, gyoza and ramen, Yuzu & Co. also cranks up the creativity with stellar options like popcorn prawns and a neat selection of Japanese burgers—everyone knows to win the heart of Brisbanites is with a good burg.



If you’re looking for a hidden Japanese gem, Ku-O is an oriental umbrella adorned venue that serves up traditional dishes in Trafalga Lane. You’ll find everything from single servings of sashimi to flavourful hotpots. The locals keep this one a pretty tight secret, but the word's slowly getting out there.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie (Sake), Judit Losh (Bird's Nest) 

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