Where To Get Kick-Ass Korean BBQ In Brisbane

By Andrew Yap
19th Oct 2018


Korean BBQ is hands down one of the best damn meals you'll ever eat. A combination of all the best food groups; kimchi, BBQ grilled meats, spicy rice—it's an ingredients smorgasboard. Brisbane has quickly come around to the fact that KBBQ is, frankly, awesome.

This is the ancestral home of the humble BBQ, after all (we cook everything on the barbie in Oz), so whether you’re on a low carb diet, paleo, bulking up, or just breaking up with salad for a night, then Korean BBQ is your go-to.

We’ve looked high and low to bring you the most authenitc Korean BBQ Brisbane has to offer.

Funny Funny


Nestled down Burnett Lane you'll find Funny Funny. A staple Korean Restaurant for almost a decade in the CBD, this is one of the best places for Korean BBQ in Brisbane. Their specialty may be the BBQ but it would be remiss of you not to dive head first into their bibimbap, the pancakes, or their spicy noodle soup.



Hanwoori is a game-changer when it comes to Korean BBQ. They offer bottomless food with their buffet service, providing an eye-watering amount of sauces and side dishes to dress your meat up. Don’t be surprised by the electric grill, it works just as well to give you that sizzle satisfaction.

Maru Korean BBQ


Everyone know’s you go to Maru for Korean BBQ when trying to impress. High quality cut meats, great service; it’s the hype beast of KBBQ in Brisbane. The wagyu... it’s love at first bite.

Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ

Sunnybank Hills

Fried chicken and Korean BBQ buffet. What?! Midam ups the KBBQ ante, by offering crunchy Korean Fried Chicken to rival even the finest Brisbane chicken establishments.  We wish we could eat with a shovel here.



Goong is the Korean BBQ of kings. You’ll feel like a kid in meat-filled a candy store here with an assortment of cuts that will leave you feeling seriously satisfied. Don’t avoid the ox tongue, it’s so good!

Sunny Seoul


Sunny Seoul in Sunnybank is one of the best Korean BBQ joints in Brisbane for feasting en masse. It’s the perfect spot when there’s a lot of you and the platters of tasty marinated meats are just the thing to keep you all entertained as you chuck them on the Korean barbie. Mapo Korean BBQ

Mapo Korean BBQ


Tucked away in a hidden corner of Sunnybank, Mapo Korean BBQ is actually a shining jewel even amongst KBBQ spots. Get fired up and try all their selection of meats and seafood! They also have some traditional dishes to complement your meal. Playing with your food is a really, really great thing here.

Dae Jang Kum


Taking its name from a popular Korean drama (who knew!), Dae Jang Kum in Sunnybank is a star attraction. KBBQ elitists will be appeased by their use of charcoal and the great selection of meats on display. They also have a fantastic lunch buffet that you definitely need to get on board!

If this article kick-starts your craving for everything Korean, check out our round up of Brisbane’s best Korean Fried Chicken.

Image credit: Stocksy

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