Brisbane’s Best American BBQ Joints

By Laura Walkley
20th Jul 2015

Image credit: Daniel Maddock

If you’re the kind of legend who treks to Bunnings on a Saturday solely to partake in the patriotic sausage sizzle, your priorities are on the right track. However, we’ve got some other Brisbane barbecue options that are guaranteed to satisfy your yearning for that slightly black, two dollar Warehouse snag and then some. 

Allow your tastebuds to take a trip across the theoretical seas and try some of the best American BBQ haunts around Brisbane. Because MEAT.


The Smoke BBQ

New Farm

Brisbane’s original home of States-style barbecued meat, The Smoke BBQ, doesn’t pale in comparison to the newer American diner’s that have popped up more recently. With smoked ceegars and a beef briskest sandwich to load your shotgun for, expect authentic American BBQ fare at its finest.  

Southern Attitude 


Southern Attitude’s sassy menu is overflowing with every barbecued meat of the rainbow topped off with authentic American sides like buttered beans, bourbon glazed carrots and pickled slaw. The bacon wrapped meatloaf is a heartwarming heart-attack waiting to happen and everything we love about the USA on a plate.

Mighty Mighty

Fortitude Valley

Slog a Boston Lager down while munching away at your 16hr beef brisket in the atmospheric Mighty Mighty. Nine hour beef short ribs and an unpulled pork Boston butt are perfect to top off a meal after proposing a toast over some red hot buffalo wings.

Blue Raven


Pulled, ribbed, winged, burgered and meatballed barbecued meat can all be accessed at the exclusively American, Blue Raven. The huge portions and low prices teleport you straight to the South. Yee Haw! 

Red Hook

Brisbane CBD

Barbecued brisket in a burrito is everything we’ve ever wanted, and Red Hook has delivered it in straight to Brisbane’s city centre. Prepare for the tangiest, crunchiest meat-stuffed cylinder of your life. 

Papa Jack’s

Fortitude Valley

If you can draw your eyes from the chicken and waffles or the truffled mac and cheese, you’ll notice the smoked brisket melt and the baby back ribs, and you’ll never look back. Papa Jack’s refreshingly different menu is perfect for sharing—considering all participants are willing. 

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