Brisbane’s Best Dumplings

By Lauren Kavanagh
20th May 2015

New Shanghai | Image credit: Esteban Rivera

Let’s be real for a second: Dumplings are quite possibly the best thing ever invented. Bite sized packages of goodness stuffed with practically any combo you can think of (pork, prawn, beef, SOUP, you name it!), they go down easy with a beverage, and are the ideal pre-night on the town supper, but we don’t need an excuse to indulge in basket full.

We’ve munched and slurped our way around our dumpling-happy metropolis to bring you this list of Brisbane’s best dumplings.

Fat Dumpling

Fortitude Valley

Ah, Fat Dumpling. An Urban List fave, Fat Dumpling are pros when it comes to dumplings, and have a simple and delicious menu that ticks all our dumpling boxes. Whether you like em’ poached, fried, or steamed, Fat Dumpling never fails to impress.

New Shanghai

Brisbane CBD

Styled like a Hong Kong tea house, you can sit and watch New Shanghai’s dumpling masters as they roll, stuff, and pleat a wide range of dumplings, right before your greedy little eyes. From xiao long bao, to pork with chives, a superbly crisp-bottomed pan-fried pork dumpling, and, our fave, the Shepherd's purse and pork wonton with peanut butter and red chilli oil—it’s heaven—New Shanghai has mastered the art of the perfect dumpling. And the menu doesn’t stop there; there’s a bounty of a moreish Chinese dishes to tempt you should you have any room left.

Happy Boy

Spring Hill

Dumplings may not be the hero dish at Spring Hill’s very cool Chinese restaurant, Happy Boy, but, boy, they are good. Their prawn and pork wontons with chilli oil are the ideal way to start your meal, and perfection washed down with one of their many stellar wines.

Madame Wu

Brisbane CBD

Part swish riverside bar, part banquet house, Madame Wu is a lady of many talents. The dumpling menu here is not your garden variety pork-n-chives deal; they're stuffed with outright fancy fillings, like Moreton Bay bug, scallop and verjus butter, and wagyu beef. Madame Wu's handy location to Brisbane's CBD bars make it a perfect spot to start your night with a table full of friends, dumplings, and plenty of their Asian-inspired cocktails. 


Fortitude Valley

If you're on the hunt for Brisbane's best dumplings, venture into the Japanese temple to all things Izakaya that is Nikuya and try their heavenly gyoza. Their pot-stickers are pan-fried perfection, and the ideal starter to a Japanese banquet.

Michael’s Steamed Dumplings

Various Locations

We love a good market stall any old time, but when dumplings are involved we’re all over it! Michael’s Steamed Dumplings can be found in various locations around Brisbane, including the Eat Street Markets on Friday and Sunday, and Kelvin Grove on Saturday. Michael and his happy packages have a cult following in Brisbane, so next time your marketing be sure to stop by and taste the goodness. 

Harajuku Gyoza 

South Bank, Fortitude Valley, Indooproopilly

Dumpling legends, Harajuku Gyoza, are another Urban List favourite, and must-try pit stop for any Brisbane dumpling fan with a brand new venue in South Bank rounding out the trio. From the lively atmosphere, to the awesome staff, and the uber delicious dumplings (including their famous dessert dumplings), Harajuku Gyoza is the whole package. Sake shots are encouraged.

Dumpling Republic

Brisbane CBD

Tucked away upstairs in the CBD’s Wintergarden lies a dumpling goldmine. Dumpling Republic have just about every dumpling combo known to man on their menu, including steamed wagyu beef and onion, steamed prawn and scallop, pan-fried chicken and leak, and a stack of others. Seriously, choosing between the varieties will be the hardest thing you ever do. Our advice? Close your eyes and point.

Yum Yum Gyoza House


A happy mix of gyoza and yum cha, Yum Yum Gyoza House is a cheap and cheerful little Brisbane dumpling joint that’s fast and delicious.

Ann Gyoza Bar

Fortitude Valley

While we’re talking dumplings, Fortitude Valley is dumpling city! And Ann Gyoza Bar is one to visit (like, pronto!). With traditional pork, chicken, and prawn dumplings on offer, as well as vegetable, seafood, and a spicy option, Ann Gyoza Bar is the perfect place to swing by for your dumpling fix, whether you’re eating in, or taking away.


Sunny Bank

A yum cha institution, Landmark is the place to go for authentic dumplings in Brisbane. Open your mind (and your mouth) to new flavours and fried delicacies.

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