Brisbane’s Best Oysters

By aj james - 06 Mar 2014


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Il Centro

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Hatch & Co.

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Mr & Mrs G Riverbar

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The Breakfast Creek Hotel

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Cove Bar & Dining

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While some shy away from the oysters slimy and salty notes, others flock towards them like a moth to the flame. And rightly so, particularly given their nutritional benefits.

They're rich with zinc ? crucial for our immune systems ? and a cupful yields more than 100% of the required daily amount. Plus, and here's where the whole aphrodisiac thing comes into play, zinc is crucial for fertility and male sexual health!

As for the other end of our body where we do most of our thinking (particularly women… men not so much), they're a brain food, boosting your mental energy and working as a mood enhancer. Why this feel good boost? The protein is rich in tyrosine, an amino acid the brain converts to the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine.

At the end of the day though, sometimes you just want a hit of those slippery little suckers. 

So, here's where to get your oyster fix in Brisbane. (Thankfully, not sourced from the River. Because a bad oyster? Well, that's a terrible thing. It'll have you changing to the other, oyster hating team, because nothing converts a new follower like a bout of mollusc-based food poisoning.)


As you'd expect from a seafood restaurant, you'll find an excellent oyster offering at Jellyfish. Along with the choice of either a natural French style dressing, or the more punchy Chinese BBQ pork and tomato chilli sambal.


Fave Friday drinking spots aside, the oysters at Iceworks are definitely a drawcard on their own. Sourced from Coffin Bay, these bad boys are on both their restuarant and bar menus, and you can get your fix any day of the week. Hooray!


You can't have a steak dinner without the option of starting with oysters, and Char Char have copious options. Kilpatrick is turned up a notch, with the inclusion of wood-fired and triple-smoked bacon, while the Blood Mary selection just screams 'start of a long lunch', and probably a blinding headache the next day…


Il Centro is another riverside locale boasting multiple ways to enjoy this oceanic treasure. We are certainly partial to the lime and lemon zest dressing though.


What we like about Hatch & Co.'s oysters (aside from the finger lime dressing), is you can order them individually, just for a taste of their salty sublimeness, over having to commit to the full dozen. Which, admittedly, isn't necessarily a bad thing.


The little beauties at Mr & Mrs G are served fresh as fresh can be with a nice wedge of lemon, and buttered damper, just so you don't forget this is Australia, mate. 


Breakfast Creek Hotel is old-school Queensland. Enjoy some oysters where and how they have been doing so in this town for decades. It's either natural or Kilpatrick, the half dozen or the full. Massive steak afterwards optional.


The Jetty serve them au naturel, but with your choice of dressings, one of which ? the ginger, shallot and soy ? is particularly good. Order individually, or by the half or full dozen.


Sitting pretty at South Bank's River Quay, which has a decidedly French Riviera feel, Cove is serving up their oysters fresh, with a range of topping options (our money is on the jalapeno citrus dressing) and by the dozen or half dozen. A glass of bubbly is the only accompaniment to this style of perfection. 

Image Credit: Daniel Maddock

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