Dust Off Your Frisbee, Brisbane Just Scored A New 18-Basket Disc Golf Course

By Ranyhyn Laine
1st Sep 2020

Disc Golf Basket in a park

You know that frisbee that’s been sitting in the back of your hall cupboard for a few years (since you bought it for that family picnic that one time)? Well it’s time to pull it out and give it a practice toss, because Brisbane just scored a new disc golf course to tackle. 

If you’ve never heard of disc golf, you’re certainly not alone. To bring you up to speed, it’s basically golf, but played with a frisbee or better yet, an actual disc golf-specific 'disc.' In a dedicated disc golf course, you’ll find a series of tall chain baskets on poles scattered across a park, with the aim of the game to get the disc into the baskets in as few throws as possible. 

The brand new disc golf course now open at Cadogan Street Park in Carindale isn’t Brisbane’s first—there’s already one at Rocklea (as well as a few others further north and south)—but the new course is almost double the size, with 18 baskets compared to Rocklea’s 12. So you have more chances to thrash your mates—or completely miss the basket and lose the frisbee in a nearby tree. 

Each of the baskets has a designated tee area where you start from, and you’ll want to keep track of how many throws it takes you to get the disc in so you can calculate the final score at the end. You can scope out the whole course and learn all the rules of the game here—or just go and start tossing them willy nilly. Try not to hit anyone, ok? 

If you're looking to go pro and get an actual golf disc, which is smaller, heavier and designed specifially for disc golf (there's even putters—who knew?), there's a few Australian companies who sell them online—check out Ausdiscs or The Frisbee Shop.  

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Image credit: Don Nichols/Getty

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