Hot Cross Baos Are A Thing And Here’s Where You Can Get Your Hands On Them

By Ioana Dragnef

We know the following statement might sound outrageous, but: forget hot cross buns people, we’ve just got wind of something better.

South Brisbane's Chu The Phat is hopping into the Easter spirit with the release of a hot cross bun bao—yep, you read that right. A pillowy soft steamed bun filled with mixed fruit soaked in a vanilla spiced rum with a liquid chocolate centre (drool), the hot cross bao is everything you’ve wanted from a hot cross bun and more. It's a thing of pure beauty and deliciousness, especially after a drizzle of ginger and rum custard on top.

So when can you get your hands on them? The hot cross baos will be available at Chu The Phat from Monday 29 March until Sunday 4 April ONLY—you can get one for $8 or three for $20. Um, we know which option we'll pick. 

The Details

When: From Monday 29 March until Sunday 4 April
Where: Chu The Phat, South Brisbane
For more information,
click here.

If you just want a regular hot cross bun, find Brisbane's best here.

Image credit: Supplied

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