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Where To Go Ice Skating In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake

a woman ice skating

Even during the coldest part of the year, South East Queensland weather errs on the side of mild. Besides the odd shower or cold snap, winter looks a lot like summer, for the most part, and we can take on the worst of the season armed with nought but an umbrella and a fun pair of socks. But what we gain in temperance we lose in frivolity. Too often Brisbanites miss out on frosty hijinks like ice skating, tobogganing, snowball fights, and huddling ‘round a fire, which, if northern hemispheric media is to be believed, are all barrels of fun. 

Well no more. You may not know it, but there are a few places defying the moderate temperature of our subtropical climate, and pushing the bounds of physics to provide a bit of transeasonal fun. Believe it or not, there are bona fide ice skating rinks Brisbane wide, with a few up and down the coast in case you need an icy activity on your next weekend away.

In a region where the sunscreen industry is eternally booming, here's where to go ice skating in Brisbane. 

Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks

Boondall and Acacia Ridge 

Before Steven Bradbury competed on Survivor, he worked his bloody can off to be an Olympic-level speed skater. Where do you think that talent was honed? Right here in bloody Queensland, mate—and most likely at Iceworld. This is the only Olympic-sized rink in the South Eastern pocket (so you know they’re legit) and offers training facilities for competitors at a national, international, or Olympic level. Will you be the next Bradbury? Probably not (flukes like that don't come in twos), but you can dream. 

Planet Chill 

Surfers Paradise

Somewhere you might not expect there to be an enormous ice skating rink is smack bang in the middle of one of Queensland’s most famous beach communities. If it seems alien, then that’s probably why they call it Planet Chill. Located within the Paradise Resort, this rink runs two hour sessions for just $20 a pop. Take a break from the sunshine and sand and cool down with a spin around the rink. 


Gold Coast

Not the country (though that would be a pretty good place to skate), our Iceland lives on the sun-drenched Gold Coast and pretty much delivers on its promise. They offer some decent student rates for a casual skate, as well as some lessons. Iceland’s skating school is directed by Olympic figure skater, Sharon Burley-Sullivan, so you know it’s legit, and lessons go for just $25 (the same prices as a casual session—bargain). They can even teach you how to play ice hockey, which will come in handy if you ever emigrate to Canada. Check out their website for session times. 



Who wants to skate in the winter? Here in our steamy pocket of the world, hitting the ice is best done in the summer, when it's blisteringly hot outside and the sweat is pooling in your socks. Ditch the cinemas and head for the Rollerdrome instead, which switches its rink from a rollerskating arena into an icy wonderland throughout the summer months. Check their website for exact dates and times or to book in your slot. 

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Image credit: Kelli McClintock

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