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An Omurice Pop-Up Has Landed In Brisbane

By Emily Nitson
11th Jan 2022

Calling all Japanese street food fans, it’s time to chow down on the viral sensation that is omurice. Whether you’ve seen it blow up on Tik Tok or you’ve tried traditional omurice on the streets of Japan, this popular feed has landed in Albert Lane thanks to Miki Terasaki and her iconic food market stall Omu Sydney. The legends at Harajuku Gyoza have teamed up with Terasaki to bring the food stall north, so freshen up on your chopstick skills for the meal that had people waiting up to three hours in line down south.

If you’re an omurice novice, prepare your tastebuds for a mix of sweet, savoury, eggy goodness straight from the streets of Japan, featuring what is basically an egg wrapped fried rice burrito, sliced open to reveal gooey egg scramble topped with sauce. Without giving you a full history lesson, omurice is a fried rice omelette fusion that is thought to have been around since the early 1900s. However it wasn’t until Kyoto-based Japanese chef ‘Kichi Kichi’ took to Youtube with his iconic omurice plating a few years back that the food became a worldwide sensation—and now we can see the theatrical cooking technique happen for ourselves right here. 

Fukuoka native Miki Terasaki definitely does this dish justice as she is the mastermind behind the Sydney craze, starting her viral food stall Omu Sydney back in December 2020. Quickly becoming a social media sensation, this flavorful food stall is definitely worth the wait. The Brisbane pop-up  Brisbane runs for three weeks, kicking off on Tuesday 4 January and going until Sunday 23 January. You’ll find it in Albert Lane at Harajuku Gyoza from 12pm-2pm for lunch and 4pm-8pm for dinner Tuesdays through Thursdays as well as on the weekends. 

The Details 

When: Tuesday 4 January to Sunday 23 January
Where: Harajuku Gyoza, Brisbane CBD
Find out more here.

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