Stick A Fork Into 12 Of The Best Pancakes In Brisbane Right Now

By Tayla Harvey
8th Feb 2021

Picture yourself waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, what food favourite do you first think of? 


From your classic maple and butter to the more adventurous flavours like raspberry white choc and orange blossom, you can never underestimate the power of a perfect pancake. This breakfast hero is almost like a morning rite of passage, and lucky for us, Brisbane’s vast array of brunch venues know a thing or two about building an impressive stack.

As there are just too many delicious hotcake hotspots to choose from, we have done the hard yards for you and put together our list of the best pancakes and hotcakes on cafe menus around Brisbane right now. We may need our stretchy pants for this one.

Miss Jones 


Looking to mix up your pancake flavour palate? You simply have to try the strawberries and cream hotcake at Miss Jones. This 'Grammable dish comes prettily adorned in coconut yoghurt, vegan shortbread, sour strawberry sherbet, pink lemonade sorbet, white chocolate and strawberry curd, and will turn the head of anyone who had thoughts of going out for a green bowl. 

Picnic Cafe


Add an Aussie favourite to house-made hotcakes and what do you have? A match made in heaven. Picnic Café has the perfect pancake stack down pat with its delectable menu item, the Tim Tam pancakes. Decked out with all the goodies you could dream of from Nutella, Tim Tams and gingerbread crumble to strawberry coulis and pistachio vanilla-bean ice-cream, this indulgent dessert will leave you begging for more.  

Todd & Pup 


For anyone who loves to eat dessert for breakfast, Todd & Pup's current pancake offering is for you. Their key lime puffed pancakes come topped with condensed milk ice cream, mango, macadamia crumble, lime coulis and lemon balm, and will leave you on a sugar high for the rest of the day, possibly even the week. 

Farm House


Head to the suburbs if you want to believe the hype around the one pan ricotta hotcakes made by the masterminds at Farm House. Located in the quiet streets of Kedron, the not-so-secret venue seriously knows how to do brunch—if the block-long lines are anything to go by. Treat yourself to the popular pancake stack, made fresh in the Farmhouse, with the perfect accoutrements of raspberry mascarpone, fresh berries and peach syrup to boot. Trust us—this one’s worth the wait.

a pancake topped with fruit

Mylk + Ko 


Looking for vegan hotcakes? You'll find them at Myk + Ko. Dig into their hokey pokey hotcakes with roasted rhubarb, fresh berries, hokey pokey, choc bukinis, rhubarb syrup, mandarin crisps and blood orange gelato, and get a cold-pressed watermelon and strawberry juice on the side to wash away any lingering guilt over your sugar intake.

Lady Marmalade 


At Lady Marmalade, the pancakes are a choose-your-own-adventure breakfast, with ricotta blueberry pancakes that you can opt to top with either pure maple syrup, fresh blueberries, lemon curd and brown butter ice-cream or pure maple syrup, grilled bacon and pecan butter. When in doubt, always get bacon. 

Little Black Pug


Treat every day like it’s cheat day and dive into the decadent hotcakes dished up at Little Black Pug. This cosy dog-friendly café has devised the perfect pancake treat they call pancake suzette, a pile of ricotta pancakes adorned with raspberry sorbet, cream cheese icing, a cheesecake base, and orange butter syrup. It's basically cheesecake for breakfast. 

Sassafras Canteen


Simple is sexy with the soft ricotta hotcakes at Sassafras Canteen in Paddington. Paired with house-made honeycomb butter and organic maple syrup, it’s the kind of brekky you keep going back for. If you’re extra hungry, be sure to add on crispy bacon and grilled banana—it’ll take your stack to the next level.

a pancake topped with ice cream and crumble

Morning After


You can’t go wrong with a classic, and we dare say that Morning After has absolutely nailed the timeless hotcake to a T. On their menu right now is a lemon and poppy seed hotcake topped with spiced apple, almond crumb, orange infused vanilla ice cream, orange syrup and lemon myrtle olive oil, that exceeds all expectations and makes for a mean brunch worthy of the Morning After menu. So get brunching, this is one unforgettable treat you won’t regret.

Kin & Co


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Kin & Co are the kings of all things coffee, breakfast and brunch (and lunch, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it?). This incredibly aesthetic café has their finger on the pulse of the perfect feed, adding buttermilk hotcakes with whipped citrus ricotta, strawberry elixir, pink peppercorn meringue to their menu. Gold chocolate ice cream completes the decadent dish and you can even add bacon.

Billy Kart Kitchen


The ricotta pancakes at Billy Kart Kitchen are as classic as they come, and make for one of the best breakfasts in Brisbane. This season they're topped with caramelised banana, coconut caramel and pecans, and have that incredible crunchy outer edge while still retaining their inner fluffiness. Totally worth the trip to suburban Annerley for.

Fuel & Co.


You can’t call yourself an aficionado of Brisbane’s pancakes until you’ve chowed your way through a Fuel & Co raspberry and white chocolate hotcake. This delicious dish dressed up with triple whipped vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and house made citrus syrup is such a widely-adored staple of the northside breakfast agenda that it’s practically its own food group.

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Image credit: Miss Jones, Nira Creative (Mylk + Ko), Morning After

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