Show Us Your Hotcakes: Brisbane’s Best Pancakes

By Ashton Rigg
24th Sep 2015

Brisbane's Best Pancakes

Locavore | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

Whoever came up with this cunning way of eating cake for breakfast, we thank you for your service to society. Truly, Sunday mornings and Shrove Tuesday would not be the same without you.

Carrier of syrups, berries, bacon, or pretty much anything you darn well please, pancakes are peerless and are usually the first thing we learn to whip-up in the kitchen. This is no coincidence – if you can make pancakes, you're set for life.  

Waffles shmaffles – give us a good ol' fashion stack and a vat of maple syrup any day! Here are some of the hot contenders for Brisbane’s best pancakes. 


East Brisbane

We developed a bit of a crush on Woolloongabba's Locavore cafe when we heard about their commitment to all things local and lovely, but it turned into a full-blown romance as soon as we saw their strawberries and cream hotcakes served with fresh berries, nut crumble, whipped cream, honey and caramel dust. Swoon!

Hops, Scotch & Beans


This Petrie Terrace kitchen et bar constantly hops into our Best of Brisbane lists, and for good reason! Hops, Scotch & Beans new springtime menu is in full swing, but the classic Red Velvet hotcakes with mascarpone, berries and pepitas have stayed put. Hooray!

Rogue Bar + Bistro


Peanut butter, salted caramel, ice cream, berries... hamana hamana hamana. Rogue Bar + Bistro's pancakes are something else. They're served on a plank with dainty sprinklings of micro herbs and the occasional smattering of popcorn. To say you get your money's worth would be an understatement.

Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express delivers the goods for all the clean eaters out there, with one of the best pancake breakfasts in Brisbane. Their bronzed and buffed protein pancakes are the ultimate post-gym treat, slathered in Coyo, bee pollen, chia seeds and fresh fruit. In an exciting new development, Pineapple Express is set to open on James Street within the fortnight!

Little Clive


Southside newcomer Little Clive is already making waves with their injected muffins and, most recently, buttermilk pancakes with honeycomb, pistachio crumble, blueberries, strawberries, and pink fairy floss that appears to have been plucked from the mane of a My Little Pony. It's magic.

Au Cirque

New Farm

Never one to do things by halves, Au Cirque recently unveiled their take on the humble pancake: little buttermilk rounds flecked with a veritable rainbow of seasonal fruits, pistachio crumble and vanilla sabayon (kind of like a custard or mousse). Tres bien!

Picnic Cafe

Camp Hill

Anything the Venzin Group touches turns to delicious and the buttermilk ricotta pancakes on offer at Picnic Cafe are evidence of this. Tasty, tasty evidence. Strawberry crepes have also been known to make an appearance if you prefer your pancakes a la Française. 

Jam Pantry


The forever-flipping menu board at Jam Pantry usually features a pancake in some way, shape or form. Lately, the vegan-friendly quinoa and buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and cashew cream have been going down a treat, but a little birdie tells us polenta pancakes with blood orange are on their way.



Sometimes when you've been around for a while, people tend to forget you in favour of shiny new playthings. We're sorry for the cold shoulder Sassafras, but please know we have never forgotten your life-changing ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter. It's been too long...  

Billy Kart Kitchen


The buttermilk and ricotta pancakes at Billy Kart Kitchen are as classic as they come, and one of the best breakfasts in Brisbane. They're topped with golden banana and coconut caramel, and have that incredible crunchy outer edge while still retaining their inner fluffiness. Totally worth schlepping to suburban Annerley for.

Alfred & Constance

Fortitude Valley

It's pancakes two ways at Alfred & Constance: 'healthy style' with quinoa smothered in violent purple blueberry yoghurt, or 'American style' with crispy bacon, maple and cinnamon butter, and a just hint of ginger. We suggest dining with a buddy and going halvsies. That also means half the calories, right?

Nana & Da's


This little Kedron gem sure knows how to stack it. Nana & Da's pancake offerings vary and have been known to include strawberries and cream with chocolate soil, and honey-glazed bananas with bacon and crunchy coconut. The pancakes themselves are of the traditional and timeless variety: golden and well risen.

Primal Pantry


Everyone should have the right to pancakes, even if they subscribe to the Paleo school of thought. Newstead's favourite caveman cafe Primal Pantry has had hotcakes on the menu since day dot, including weekend specials drizzled with almond butter, molten cacao and other viscous toppings. They have Paleo Hero Pancake Mix for your at-home fix too.

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