7 Of Brisbane’s Best Truffle Menus To Indulge In This Year

By Ranyhyn Laine – who always has time to go to breakfast, no matter how busy she is.

Truffle menus are synonymous with winter these days. The rich and earthy seasonal delicacy is packed full of flavour and every year finds itself showcased and whipped up into new, drool-worthy dishes at stacks of restaurants and cafes.

For brekky, lunch, dinner or dessert, this is the time of year where everything tastes a little better and more boujee if it’s “truffle-infused” or topped with a few delicate slices of the highly coveted treat. And let’s be clear, truffles are considered culinary gold for good reason: they’re difficult to grow and find, they have a frustratingly short shelf-life, and, of course, there’s that wildly unique, totally delicious taste too.  

Whether you’re hoping to explore the aromatic fungus flavours for the first time or you’re a full-on truffle-head looking to tick off every menu possible before summer rolls around—this list has you covered.

Here are 14 of the best truffle menus you can check out in Brisbane this winter.


South Brisbane 

Nothing champions the magical season of truffles quite like a degustation. For that, make sure you book yourself in for Signature’s seasonal truffle degustation, featuring seven incredible courses of the earthy delight. For just $140 you can eat your way through truffled celeriac profiterole, mushroom risotto with seared abalone and truffled pecorino, roast tenderloin of wagyu with truffled boulangere potatoes and—wait for it—truffle fondue. Yeah we’re saving plenty of room for the fondue course too. It’s only available until mid-August though so get booking.


South Bank 

A five-course truffle degustation with river views? Book. Us. In. It might come with a $255 price tag, but considering how much truffle is involved in this Italian spread, we’re happy to splurge a little. For the whole month of July, as a part of Good Food Month, OTTO’s Head Chef Will Cowper has created a menu that will appeal to all the truffle fiends out there. Featuring beef carpaccio with truffle dressing and aioli, gnocchi cacio pepe and even truffle gelato with hazelnut praline, it might just leave you all truffled out. 


Brisbane City 

There’s something about Italian fare that just lends itself perfectly to a generous addition of truffles, and Persone has embraced that quality with their winter truffle menu. With a lineup that includes truffle parmesan risotto, truffle lobster taglioni, truffle mashed potato and truffle chocolate mousse, you may want to wear loose clothing for this one. The menu is available right up until 31 August, so truffle on in anytime between now and then. 

Black Hide Steakhouse 

Petrie Terrace

We’ve got four words you: Truffle macaroni and cheese. Of course Black Hide is all about juicy cuts of steak, but what’s a slab of meat without some sides? This winter (until 31 August) you can pair your marbled wagyu with truffled mac or truffle butter with truffle shavings at Black Hide Steakhouse, and finish off your feast with a sweet dessert of white chocolate panna cotta with black sesame ice cream and truffle chocolate. 

Gambaro Seafood Restaurant

Petrie Terrace 

Seafood and truffle—not your typical bedmates, but at Gambaro they go together like crackers and cheese. Delicacies on the drool-worthy menu include a scallop, clam and cauliflower risotto with fresh black truffle, BBQ seafood with truffle butter and truffle shavings and rock crayfish grilled or poached with truffle butter. And yes, of course there’s dessert—a hot chocolate truffle sundae, to be precise. You can order it all right up until 31 August. 



While not entirely dedicated to truffles, we think E’cco Bistro’s new three-course set menu is worthy of a spot on the list for its decadent truffled inclusions. Think winter truffle gnocchi topped with an aged parmesan crisp and for dessert, a 69% dark chocolate parfait with coffee and truffle gelato. 

Botero House

Brisbane City

With their new winter menu featuring enough of the glorious fungi to satisfy our truffle cravings, the crew at Botero House have us hooked with their new creations. We’re talking mushroom lasagne with truffle mascarpone sauce, mushroom and truffle omelettes and cacio e pepe risotto with truffle oil.  Sounds like a dream? We agree, but the highlight of the menu is their truffle vanilla bean cappuccino that is loaded with fresh truffles and truffle infused foam.

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Image credit: Signature Emporium

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