Where To Find Delicious Oysters In Brisbane

By Rachel Lay
8th Mar 2017

Best oysters brisbane

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love oysters and shuck them back with serious gusto. And then, of course, there are those who pinch their noses and turn their heads at the mere site of an oyster. You can probably guess which team we’re on.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect spot to find fresh and delicious oysters in Brisbane, keep reading.

The Apo

Fortitude Valley

The Apo is one of Bakery Lane’s best kept secrets. Take a seat on the back deck area, or one of the venue’s two decks as you soak up the sunshine and chuck back some of Brisbane’s best oysters. These ones come super fresh (duh!) with finger lime, tomato water and olive. Take it from us—they’re bloody delicious.



Otto is a newbie on the Brisbane dining scene, but their oysters are seriously up there with the best in Brisbane. Enjoy Otto’s oysters served au natural with watermelon and lime granita (drool!) with a side of jaw-dropping views out across the city.

Motion Bar And Grill


The Brisbane Marriott’s Motion and Bar and Grill dishes up a mean plate of oysters. Plan your visit to coincide with a Friday or Saturday so you can take full advantage of the seafood buffet and have oyster after oyster delivered right to your belly. The oysters take centre stage here, served freshly shucked with fresh lemon wedges—just the way nature intended!

Stokehouse Q

South Brisbane

Stokehouse Q was made for long, boozy seafood lunches. Sitting pretty on the banks of the Brisbane River, you can bet your bottom dollar the seafood here is as fresh as it comes—especially the oysters. At Stokehouse Q they get that oysters are a deeply personal experience, so they give you the choice of serving them with lemon, completely natural, or with mignonette. Yum!

Clayfield Seafood Market


Clayfield Seafood Market is the fish and chip shop we wish we grew up with. Serving up fresh, mega-local, and most importantly, delicious oysters by the dozen, you really can’t beat the freshness here. Order any of one of their dipping sauces, or keep it natural with a slice of lemon and dig in.

Reef Seafood And Sushi


Reef Seafood And Sushi get oysters. They see your obsession and raise you oyster Kilpatrick, oyster Momay, tempura oysters, crumbed oysters, and miso oysters. Now, you just need to make a call on which ones to order. If it were us, we’d order them all and a make feast of it.

Shuck It

Eat Street Markets

Shuck It know oysters—heck, it’s all they serve, so you know they’re experts. Shucked fresh as you order, you really can’t beat these guys (and who doesn’t like a little theatrics with their food?). Choose between raw and natural, Kilpatrick, mornay, grilled…you get the gist, the options are endless here!

The Jetty

Bulimba and Southbank

The Jetty is kind of the home of seafood in Brisbane. Poised prettily along the Brisbane River and in the heart of Southbank, you know the seafood you’re shucking back at The Jetty is fresher than fresh. Opt for oysters served natural, with lemon, or with Semillon grape verjuice (delish), or served Kilpatrick with chorizo. We’re not drooling, you are!

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Motion Bar & Grill | Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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