Stack ‘Em | Where To Get Crazy-Good Pancakes In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
31st Jul 2018

best pancakes Brisbane

When words like ‘penitential’ and ‘liturgy’ start cropping up and all the pancake mix goes flying off the shelves it’s a sure sign the shrove is near. The end of February is fast approaching and with it that most special day when 'Fatty Friday' comes early to honour the end of the liturgical season (or the continuation of the feasting season—any excuse for pancakes right?).

If your gas got cut off or your spatula’s on the fritz then outsourcing the pancake prep is your best bet, and with stacks on stacks of delectable pancakery scattered across Brisbane we don’t see why you couldn’t blow out Pancake Tuesday into a week-long fiesta. Starting now.

Here's where to get the best pancakes in Brisbane.

Morning After

West End

Oh if Cary Grant came back in pancake form. Morning After’s contribution to the pancake orgy is a hands-down classic. The charming stack features fluffy blueberry vanilla pancakes and the stalwart additions of berries, maple syrup and cream, a nice reminder that you don’t need to be fancy to be totally mind-blowing.

Republic Coffee Traders


While we’re busting out we may as well bust out hard with the one of Brisbane's best pancakes served at Republic Coffee Traders. These morning flats are bold and untraditional and feature the bold and untraditional pancake accompaniments of black sesame sorbet, honey glazed plums and a rice bubble crumb for that textural element we’re always chasing.

Day Made Supreme


Savoury pancakes probably aren’t what you had in mind but BEAR WITH us because these are slammin’. Made with zucchini and quinoa, these earthchild pancakes also come with housemade labneh, za’atar baby carrots, sumac and micro herbs. And as the Brisbane branch of all things Coffee Supreme, Day Made’s got your morning java more than covered too.

Rogue Bar + Bistro


And as far as breakfasts go, this one is pretty goddamn cute. While most pancake ‘stacks’ are really more like lopsided arrangements, Rogue Bistro's have the structural integrity of a pillar with the trimmings arranged in a garland of blueberries, salted caramel, chocolate ganache, popcorn and vanilla ice cream. And before you ask, yes they taste as good as they look.

Picnic Café

Camp Hill

We mostly get excited about the excuse to cut loose and gorge on Pancake Tuesday, but for those with dietary requirements Picnic Café’s got your back. Their strawberry and cream pancakes are both vegan and gluten free and comprise of strawberry buckwheat pancakes with vanilla coyo ice cream, almond cream, buckinis and strawberry coulis.

Little Clive


Here’s a fun fact: few combinations are more iconic than peanut butter and jam. Little Clive knows it, appreciates it, and has decided to honour it with a PB&J pancake dish complete with house made jams, peanut butter sauce and chunks of peanut brittle finished off with a tuft of fairy floss because dessert for breakfast can never be sweet enough.

Jam Pantry


Known for their extravagant Brisbane breakfast game, the sweet-hearted mavens of pickles and preserves at Jam Pantry aren’t about to go pulling punches when it comes to pancakes. Batter up with some ruddy beetroot and raspberry pancakes, drizzled with dairy-free custard and served with figs, blueberries and sweet pickled dragonfruit to finish it off. A massive crowd-pleaser and not just because it’s gluten and dairy free.

Piggy Back Café


I can think of no better way to end the epiphany than with a revelation like Golden Gaytime pancakes. Piggy Back’s patriotic pancakes emulate the frozen icon with chocolate batter pancakes, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate honeycomb biscuit chunks, and house made honey toffee. If this becomes a new breakfast staple I am SO on board with it.



Can we all agree that pancakes are just a cheeky way of having dessert for breakfast? In the spirit of decadence, Locavore is keen to make the most of this nutritional loophole and exploit it for all it’s worth with their banoffee pie hotcake; brought to life with fresh banana, biscuit crumb, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Fuel & Co.


You can’t call yourself an aficionado of Brisbane’s pancakes until you’ve chowed your way through a Fuel & Co hotcake. This beastly griddle baby dressed up with mascarpone, fresh berries, maple syrup and crushed banana chips is so a widely-adored staple of the Northside breakfast agenda that it’s practically its own food group.

BillyKart Kitchen

West End

BillyKart’s never made any secret of their deep-seated appreciation for sweet breakfasts nor their aptitude for making sensational pancakes. Their fluffy buttermilk and ricotta pancakes are super soft in the middle, which makes it all the more easy for them to soak up the lashings of coconut caramel. Finished off with some grilled banana and micro-herbs because fruit is good for you and you deserve a balanced diet.

Seven South


Nothing beats a big ole splat of blueberry ricotta hotcake except maybe a blueberry ricotta hotcake that’s packing a hectic lemon thyme flavour situation (!). Seven South wants to add a little special something to your Ash Wednesday eve, and with juicy blueberries, crème frâiche, and some pistachio praline, this saucy little number might just do the trick. 

The Smug Fig

East Brisbane

While it's The Smug Fig's French toast that gets the most attention (Malteaser flavour screams favouritism), we're here to tell you that their spiced apple hotcakes are legit the hero of their breakfast menu. Fluffy spiced apple hotties paired with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce and a dusting of cinnamon and crushed walnuts gets a big bloody tick in our books! 

Here's 6 more perfect brunching spots to check out this weekend!

Morning After | Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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