Food + Drink
This Edible Gold Leaf Soft-Serve Is Instagram #Goals
By Catherine Blake - 14 Feb 2018

Opulent desserts are the indulgent peaks of life, and while Australia has its fair share of delectable goodies, sometimes travelling… Read More +

South-East Asia
Bali’s Luxe New Dayclub Is The Ultimate FOMO Spot
By Sophia Richardson - 10 Feb 2018

If you haven’t booked a trip to Bali this year, you’re about to #RIPSavings. The world’s first OMNIA Dayclub is opening… Read More +

The World’s Most OTT Hotel Rooms
By Jessica Best - 16 Jan 2018

Face it, you’ll never be able to afford any of these. Especially since a one night stay is equivalent to your annual salary (and you… Read More +

Where You Should Travel In 2018 Based On Your Star Sign
By Marina Nazario - 12 Jan 2018

It’s a new year, and that means a clean slate. This year could be anything, guys. We know you’re already strategically planning… Read More +

Local Escapes
How To Holiday Twice A Year On $80k
By Rachel Lay - 01 Dec 2017

Holidays are often seen as a luxury. And we get it, we really do—those things are expensive. But, here at The Urban List we are super… Read More +

A Unicorn Cafe Exists And We Can’t Even
By Urban List Writers - 28 Nov 2017

Let’s face it—we all need a little magic in our lives and nothings spells magic like a unicorn. These mythical creatures have… Read More +

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