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This Edible Gold Leaf Soft-Serve Is Instagram #Goals

By Catherine Blake
14th Feb 2018


Opulent desserts are the indulgent peaks of life, and while Australia has its fair share of delectable goodies, sometimes travelling further afield really reaps benefits of the sugary kind...

One very famous café in Japan, Hakuichi is taking this truth to lavish extreme with gold-leaf coated soft serve.

Now, here’s a little background on Hakuichi: the café is located in Kanazawa city, which is also known as the gold leaf capital of Japan, accounting for an eye-popping 99% of the country’s gold leaf production. The supreme quality of their leafing technology and the fact that the leaf never discolours or oxidizes mean Kanazawa has been the first name in gold leaf since the Azuchi Momoyama Period (which predates the invention of the telescope, in case you were wondering).

When Hakuichi started selling their soft serve cones with a sheet of 24k gold leaf, we discovered our spirit animal was a Pixiu. The mythical beasts are immortal and subsist on a diet of gold, silver, and jewels and I struggle to see how those two things aren’t connected.

Ergo it has become our sole purpose to get to Japan and eat as many of these cones as we can. They’re so shiny, so incredibly luxe, and being that the gold leaf is flavourless, the decorative element doesn’t interfere with the purity of the vanilla soft serve.

Image credit: Eat And Treats

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