6 Of The Best Burgers On The Gold Coast

By Sally Coates - 04 Nov 2015

Crocs, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, planking — just a few examples of trends that swept the nation that just flat-out shouldn’t have.

This burger trend sweeping the Gold Coast, on the other hand, is one we welcome with open fists and eager mouths (don’t read that out of context). Right now, you’ll find a mind-blowing burger on every street, but here is our pick of the best burgers on the Gold Coast.

Obsessions on Chevron

Surfers Paradise

I don’t know what the most delicious thing about Obsessions is their burgers or their puns. Big, juicy burgers that look exactly like their pictures presented with creativity and flair—for example the Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin burger seared to look like a damn Jack-o-Lantern, complete with a pumpkin stalk sticking out the top. Seriously, it’s worth the follow on Facebook just for the pics and wordplay, you won’t regret it. Simple and delicious, these best burgers on the Gold Coast are guaranteed to make you squeal with delight!

Ze Pickle

Burleigh Heads

First of all, Ze Pickle is the cutest name for a burger place ever. It’s just so fun to say, how could you not want to go there. Ze Pickle was started by three blokes who just wanted the holy grail of hangout spots: good food, good drinks, and good beats. Not only did they succeed, topping best burger lists more often than they top their burgers with pickles, but they set the bar for the best burgers on the Gold Coast, and they set it high.


Mermaid Beach

The reason BurgerFuel has managed to successfully dominate NZ and half the freaking world, is because their burgers are just burgers. No nonsense, no fancy shit; just good, honest burgers in classic combinations and these awesome little cardboard things called doofers which help you keep your burger, and therefore life, together.

Leader 2_Burgers


Palm Beach

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the newbie on the block, Burgster, takes classic burger combinations and adds a fancy lil’ twist that sets them apart. Although seemingly a southern Gold Coast “hipsteraunt”—which is a combination of hipster restaurant and yes, that is an original Metropolist term—the Burgster philosophy welcomes all, top-knot or no, you’ve just gotta have a love for burgers… ‘cause these are easily some of the best burgers on the Gold Coast.

Brooklyn Depot

Surfers Paradise

Brooklyn Depot is dedicated to encompassing that true, Old Brooklyn style food which means you won’t find a sprig of kale anywhere in sight. If you ask for kale, you will be forcibly removed. Just kidding, but BD are not kidding around with their glossy burger buns, rich, real meats, and oozing cheese. You know you shouldn’t, but you want it so bad. Cue post burger guilt, but definitely no regret.

Leader4_Best Burgers

Longboards Laidback Eatery and Bar

Surfers Paradise

Longboards is no stranger to ‘Best Burgers’ lists, notorious for its Phat Bastard challenge, which features a burger bigger than Kanye’s ego. Located underneath the Q1 by the picturesque swimming pool, you can watch happy families frolicking about and reminisce to the pre-Longboards time when you were comfortable in swimwear #foodbaby. Then look back down at your burger, which is garnished with a rack of ribs, and know it’s all worth it.

Did we miss your favourite among our pick of the best burgers on the Gold Coast? Let us know!



Photo Credits: Hayley Williamson, Claire Dryden, and Esteban Rivera for Metropolist

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