Save Cash This Holiday Season With These At-Home Beauty And Self Care Treatments

By Isabella Jeffrey

If you’re like us, the change in season is marked by your feed's transition from latte makeup and glazed doughnut nails into dewy lit-from-within hacks and bright 3D nail sets. Like the TikTok stars reporting from their rooms, this year we're bringing the beauty treatments home—spending smarter when it comes to our faithful skincare and self-care routines. 

Whether it’s mastering an at-home mask or investing in products to save on salon appointments long term, with help from Philips we’ve rounded up some tips to level-up your already loyal routine. 

Happy Skin Is In

Here at Urban List, we agree nothing beats the post-beach 'everything shower'—see TikTok for a full breakdown on this one. This season we’re leveling-up our tried and true routines and lathering on oils and scrubs to keep the glow around long after we've left the beach. We’ll be welcoming a hard-working body scrub from Soap and Glory and Salt by Hendrix brush into our shower caddy this summer and beyond. Lean into the hammam from home vibes and treat yourself to a soothing Shower Oil from Ikkari and Esmi Body Oil. You’ll leave the bathroom feeling bloody amazing.

Woman holding device to leg

Skip The Salon

Nailing your beauty routine can come with the expectation of splurging loads of cash. This summer instead of adding to our lineup of treatments and products, we’re leaning into spending smarter. First up on the chopping block? Those bi-monthly trips to the salon. Cut back on salon laser treatments in the long term with Philips IPL Lumea Series 9000. It's easy to set-up and has attachments for your body, face, underarms and bikini, and you'll see long lasting hair reduction of up to 12 months*. Valued at $999 RRP, this nifty gadget will help you turn your bathroom into an at-home spa for those luxe 'everything shower' days.

Level-Up Your Face Time

Luxurious at-home treatments aren’t just reserved for your body this summer. This season we’re scheduling in some one-on-one facetime with soothing at-home masks and massage tools. Mix up your own mask with For Face Sake Mask from Boring Without You. If you’re looking to pocket some extra cash for those balmy afternoon drinks with mates, you’d be surprised how a few brekkie ingredients like avocado, honey and oats can fill your stomach and feel good on your skin. Enhance the experience with a Gua Sha to help absorb the mask or cool-off with an ice roller—add aloe vera for some extra calm. 

two hands holding mask

Save On Monthly Mani And Pedi

We must admit, there’s not a lot that beats the feeling of a fresh mani-pedi. This season we’re mastering our own manicures with at-home shellac kits. We aren’t saying break up with your nail tech, but investing in an easy to use shellac kit will turn those fortnightly infills to fresh sets every couple of months. Add to cart this complete shellac set or opt for just the LED lamp from Amazon.

Enhance Your Pillow Time

A good dose of beauty sleep can do a world of good for your skin. Shown to help increase collagen— our hydration and elasticity powerhouse—finish off your improved routine in the bedroom. Start by chucking your sheets in the wash, not only does it prevent allergen and bacteria build-up, a fresh bed can contribute to a more comfortable night's sleep. Looking to upgrade your pillow situation? We’ll be adding this Temple and Webster pillow and eye mask set to our bed routines.

Enhance your beauty routine this summer with the cordless and efficient Philips IPL Lumea Series 9000. Enjoy touch-ups between salon treatments to your underarms, bikini, face and body in under ten minutes. The Philips IPL Lumea Series 9000 is Available at Philips, Shaver Shop or Harvey Norman.  

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* Median hair reduction efficacy of 86% on lower legs, 70% on bikini and 68% on armpits.

Images: Urban List.

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