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A Boozy Curling Rink Is Landing In Melbourne This Winter

By Rick Stephens

Two curling lanes illuminated at night.

Move over mini-golf, the forgotten art of curling is coming in hot—or ice cold if we’re going with the theme—to the city of Melbourne in just a few month’s time.

Those aware of curling will know it requires a bit of space, so you wouldn’t be surprised in the fact the winter-sports pop-up will be hosted at the Baller’s Clubhouse, the pub sports and parlour sports mega venue. 

Along with the four curling lanes, Ballers Clubhouse will hook you up with everything you need to get your curl on, like the stones you launch across the ice and those things that look like brooms for the sweepers—you know, those people sweeping the ice as the stone hurdles along the rink?

Like many of these new-age venues and experiences, booze is of course involved. Jagermeister, the perfect winter liqueur is getting behind the game to keep you cosy by the icy lanes. If you’re more of a beer type, Baller’s Clubhouse has a whopping 72 taps—so there’s that.

You can book in your lanes for the limited-run curling season at Baller’s Clubhouse between dates during July and August here.

While you’re at it, scope out everything you need to know about Baller’s Clubhouse here.

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