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BeerMash Opens in Collingwood

By Megan Osborne
20th Nov 2014

Melbourne is home to an epic craft beer culture, and high-quality, independently produced beer is becoming more popular every day. But your local Dan's won't stock small batches, and driving across town to a craft beer supplier can be a pain in the… well, just a massive pain. Thankfully, along with the rise in popularity of craft beer, there's also a rise in some pretty great craft beer stores in Melbourne.

Enter, BeerMash. Opened last week, BeerMash is a new Growler store on Smith Street, Collingwood, celebrating all things craftilicious! Now, to save you having to google 'Growler' (trust us, don't look at Urban Dictionary), we'll tell you straight up—it's a nifty glass or ceramic jug used to transport beer, that's just under 2L! 

At BeerMash, customers can sample an array of crafty goodness before they buy, (or refill!) their Growlers, Squealers (not a man that starts a fight and hides behind a woman, or a pig for that matter, but rather a miniature Growler, just under 1L—who knew?), or bottles! Saaa hipster. 

With unique product lines on tap, the selection will change monthly, and it's not just craft beer that you should be getting excited about! BeerMash will also be offering craft cider, kombucha, cold brewed coffee, and seasonal wines! We'll take 10 Growlers of cold brew please! What? Don't judge…

So head on down to this trendy craft beer store on Smith Street to sample some delicious crafty goodness, talk to Store Manager, Manning Blanchard and the crew, and leave with your Growlers, Squealers, and craft beer cred. Oh, and all set up with a good night ahead of you.

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Image Credits: Nick West

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