The Best Dog Beaches In Victoria, 2023

By Simon Cassar
31st Oct 2023

Do you know who likes the water just as much as you do? Your dog. Perhaps more sometimes. Witnessing your woofer make tracks around the dunes and splash in the waters  of Melbourne's/Naarm's best dog-friendly beaches is happiness in its purest form.

But, sadly not all beaches around the state are accommodating to our furry friends, so we’ve tracked down the best stretches of coast in Victoria for you and your best mate. Here are Urban List's picks for the best dog beaches in Victoria for 2023: 

Brighton Dog Beach 


A kelpie at one of Melbourne's best dog beaches.Image credit: Unsplash | Supplied

This one always gets a mention as its setup is just too perfect to not include in the best dog beach conversation. The fully-fenced area is typically teeming with all walks of dog life, from hefty labs to miniature poodles—if you’re keen to expose your pup to some serious socialising, this is the spot for you. 

Sandridge Beach

Port Melbourne

Sandridge beach is the better of two options in Port Melbourne, the stretch of water on the west side of the suburb is one of the best dog beaches in Victoria for your pooch, and is perfect for the whole family with barbecues and playgrounds just off the sand. 

Mentone Beach 


The dog-friendly stretch of Mentone beach starts at Charman Road and extends up to Plummer Road. The greatest thing about this spot is the quality of the area; dogs aside it’s a great place to set up for the day in summer and take a dip alongside your doggy paddling guest—making it one of the best dog beaches in Victoria for 2021. 

St Kilda Harbour 

St Kilda

a dog at one of Victoria's best dog beaches in 2021. The sun is shining.Image credit: Unsplash | supplied

Right smack in the middle of St Kilda’s bustling foreshore, the Harbour area of the beach is a dog-friendly blend of the city and the sea. One of the best dog beaches for more sociable and carefree dogs as there is plenty going on with stacks of other pups, cyclists, and beachgoers. 

Burn’s Reserve 


Altona’s Burn’s reserve is one of the best dog beaches in Victoria, especially if your pup hasn’t quite mastered the depths of the ocean. On the low tide, this beach becomes a shallow aqua-heaven for four-legged friends and is usually heaving with visitors and dogs all over. 

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Beaumaris Beach, Rickett’s Point 


a dog laying in the shalllows at one of Melbourne's best dog beaches.Image credit: Unsplash | supplied

Rickett’s point is a pet paradise, down at the yacht club end this spot apart from the dogs is typically a quieter affair than others. A big contender for the best dog beach in Victoria over the years and right into 2023, this stunning little stretch of beach that wraps to the point has pristine views and rockpools for your dog to discover. 

Sandringham Beach, Edward Street 


The Edward Street dog beach is a good little run of dog-friendly beaches in the bayside suburb, heads up though this one gets busy. Also, a hot tip—set up with a cliff on the point it provides a little more seclusion and protection from the wind. 

Tassell’s Cove 

Safety Beach 

Even the dogs love visiting an out-of-town beach and Tassell’s Cove at the corner of Safety Beach is without a doubt one of Victoria's best dog beaches. Resting in the corner of the jutting point that wraps into Mount Martha this dog-friendly beach is a coastal hot spot for all breeds of woofers. 

Cameron’s Bight 


a dog looking into camera a one of the best dog beaches in Melbourne.Image credit: Unsplash | supplied

This is one truly pristine spot for dogs, Blairgowrie’s Cameron’s Bight is a beautiful spot to take the pooch. The water at the southern end of the peninsula is clear and sparkling on its day and is a great spot to take the dog for a quick dip or a day on the sand.

Thirteenth Beach

Barwon Heads 

One absolutely marvellous stretch of Victoria’s coastline thirteenth beach is the best dog beach if you’re looking to get away from the crowds. The raw and rugged beach down on the Bellarine Peninsula provides plenty of space, for running, digging, and splashing—watch out for days with big swells. 

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Editors Note: 
Councils and beaches change their regulations throughout the year, please always consult their websites for the current information before taking your woofer on the road.  

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