Feel The Burn! Melbourne’s Best Pilates Studios

By Iro Kotsimbos
19th Nov 2014

It's no secret that we're completely and utterly addicted to pilates – improved posture, a better booty and engaging muscles we've long forgotten about…Hello, no wonder we're obsessed!

Our love for this core-strengthening series of exercises is so strong that we took it upon ourselves to track down Melbourne's best pilates classes. So get ready to say buh-bye to flab and oh haiiii to abs! (Editor's note: You might also want to check out Melbourne's best yoga studios). 



One of our favourite new pilates finds is Xtreme Pilates X, a slick studio located on Station Street in Fairfield. Owner Jo Morgan and her team run a series of maximum intensity elliptical and reformer pilates classes in an almost nightclub-like studio – the cool lighting and pumping tunes really get you in the zone! Focusing on either the upper or lower body, the Xtreme Pilates classes are only 25 minutes long – perfect for busy types who want a solid workout but in a shorter amount of time. 



When it comes to the best pilates in Melbourne, you really can't go past KX Pilates. With 12 studios across town, all boasting expert teachers and state-of-the-art equipment, KX Pilates are the go-to destination for high intensity, body-toning workouts that'll whip you into shape quick smart. Intense? Yes – no doubt about it. Addictive? God yes – even more so. With classes for the awkward beginner (me) right through to the pilates aficionado – plus a super sweet intro offer of 5 pilates classes for $50 – you'd be hard-pressed to find a reason not to go to KX Pilates. 



Housed in a beautiful loft above Chapel Street in Windsor, Premium Performance is one of the top Melbourne pilates studios. Don't be fooled by the stripped back setting though – while there's no scary looking gym equipment, the mat, barre and bodyweight exercises will still have you working up a sweat and strengthening those core muscles. A great option if you're looking to mix up your pilates routine!



Conveniently located in the Rialto building, Melbourne City Pilates is our pick for best pilates in Melbourne CBD. Thanks to their backgrounds as former professional dancers, Melbourne City Pilates founders Zac Jones and Ben Kazlauskas have crafted a unique workout that mixes pilates with dance, martial art and movement therapy. Open from Monday to Thursday, you can expect your formerly unfit self to be turned into a lean, mean, pilates machine.



One of Melbourne's best pilates studios in the western suburbs, The Pilates & Yoga Shed in Yarraville is a firm fave with the TUL team. The team here are super friendly and will guide you through the pilates classes without making you feel like you're a total klutz…before you know it, you'll be bending and stretching like it ain't no thang! The Pilates & Yoga Shed also offer one-on-one classes which are perfect if you're making your way back from injury.



As their name suggests, the Simply Pilates crew focus on one thing – delivering kick ass pilates classes! Staying true to the original exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, the Simply Pilates classes are fun and friendly yet disciplined – there's no messing around here peeps! Instructor training classes are also offered so if you're considering a career in pilates, then Simply Pilates can help you out.   



Our roundup of the best pilates in Melbourne wouldn't be complete without One Hot Pilates, the brand spankin' new pilates studio brought to you by the husband-and-wife team behind our beloved One Hot Yoga. Rob and Lucinda Mills, an architect and fitness pro respectively, have combined their smarts to bring you this state-of-the-art studio offering hot mat pilates and reformer pilates – intense workouts that'll take you from flab to fab in time for bikini season. Only open for a few weeks, One Hot Pilates already has Melbourne pilates fans excited – after one class, you'll see why!

Any that we've missed, Urban Listers? What's your tip for Melbourne's best pilates studios? 

Image Credit: Dharma

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