Find Balance At The Best Yoga Studios In Melbourne For 2022

By Maya Varadarajan
5th Sep 2022

A large room with yoga mats placed out.

Melbourne yoga studios have stepped up their game over the years. It used to be you just needed to do some basic stretches alongside some ambient tunes. But now we’ve got Bikram yoga, rooftop yoga, gorgeous Zen palaces and secret rooftop lofts, beer yoga and everything in between. If you want to know the best place to get your stretch on in Melbourne, assume Child’s Pose and get reading.

Here are the best yoga studios in Melbourne for 2022: 

Power Living


If tranquillity and serene spaces are your cup of tea, then look no further than Power Living.
Located in a renovated warehouse and a stone's throw away from Brunswick Street, Power Living has a considerable timetable available, with everything from Heated Vinyasa (you won’t leave without a considerable sweat) to Yin by candlelight, which targets the body's energetic system and fascial tissue.

Good Vibes


Good Vibes possibly has to be one of Melbourne's prettiest yoga studios, and we’re not exaggerating. The Collingwood location has a stunning glass and concrete atrium, with its own zen granite boulder garden, and the Northcote location is heavily influenced by Scandinavian design and built with sustainability in mind. Each class is catered to your needs, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, opt for the slower-paced classes where mindfulness is the focus. If you’re up for a challenge, try their Vinyasa flow classes, which have plenty of options to suit beginners to advanced yogis. 

Gertrude Street Yoga


Smack bang in the middle of one of Melbourne’s most gorgeous streets, Gertrude Street Yoga is home to some top-notch classes and workshops. Along with the usual array of yoga classes, there’s also a chant and chai evening, where you practice kirtan, a form of spiritual singing and chanting along to music. The studio itself is a vibe, with huge walls of exposed brick and giant windows that stream sunlight onto you while you meditate. 

Kula Yoga


The light-filled studios of Kula Yoga in Hawthorn and Hampton are enough to make you want to keep up with your weekly classes. Their dynamic hot classes are for strength and detoxification or work on your balance with Vinyasa Flow. If you’re looking to refine your technique, try the slow flow classes, which focus on alignment and stabilisation. They also have an online studio for when you can’t make it down to either studio. 

Clifton Hill Yoga Studio


Established in 1995 with 7 teachers and 40 classes a week, Clifton Hill Yoga Studio isn’t one to be caught slacking. These guys cater to absolutely every demographic; beginners and advanced, chair classes and Pranayama. Iyengar yoga is their speciality, which focuses on detail, correct alignment and postural awareness. They also run plenty of workshops throughout the year, for those looking for a bit more refinement to their poses. 

Warrior One Yoga


Stretch outright at Warrior One Yoga. Along with its thirteen experienced yoga instructors, Warrior One Yoga is also home to a fluffy, four-legged yogi who is guaranteed to get your tail wagging. A selection of class options includes Acrovinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.  

Jessica Dewar Yoga


Jessica Dewar Yoga is like the Lentil As Anything of the Melbourne Yoga Scene. They popped up in Hawthorn East with a pay-what-you-feel approach. The fact that they’re still alive means people must feel they do some pretty damn good yoga. Jessica Dewar wants to make yoga accessible to every budget, body type and level of flexibility (she’s good like that). You’ll find the studio on Camberwell Road in Hawthorn East, just down from the Rivoli Cinema. Post-sesh movie? We’re keen.  

Barre Body


You’ll find Barre Body in either the CBD, Fitzroy or Windsor. It’s been around the traps for a while. While technically not a pure yoga studio, their unique ballet-style approach fuses the best of barre conditioning, yoga and pilates. It’s all designed to create longer, leaner muscles, particularly in the legs. Some of the stretches are up on the barre, while others are down on the matt. It’s all inspired by the famous Lotte Berk Method (with maybe an extra dash of yoga goodness). Don’t forget to point those toes.  

Humming Puppy


Leave Humming Puppy humming. Known for its mellow, humming studios specifically designed by acoustic engineers, Prahran-based Humming Puppy offers luxury, relaxing yoga in their charcoal-coloured studios. Featuring smooth, coffee-blushed timber and the highest quality Manduka yoga mats, marinate in classes that range from low intensity to dynamic.

Happy Melon Studios


Housed in a gorgeous sun-lit studio, Happy Melon Studios is like your home away from home. Green gardens, a contemporary meditation room and clean white walls create a warm space for yoga, meditation and fitness. Offering five unique yoga classes including prenatal yoga, yoga flow and yin yoga, Happy Melon’s yoga classes have a strong focus on mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. 

Light Space Yoga


The open-plan studios in Mitcham and Balwyn will make you feel lighter as you walk into Light Space Yoga. With the Ivanhoe studio up and running, these locally loved studios offer traditional yoga classes like slow flow, yin and vinyasa along with meditation. White bamboo floors and gorgeous wallpaper mural features create these little sanctuaries in suburbia.

The A Life


A yoga studio run by fully qualified osteopaths. How’s that for an idea? And no matter how you feel about the softer sciences, you should give this place a go. The A Life specialises in injury recovery and joint mobility, and they even offer Naturopathic consultations available for those seeking treatment plans. The yoga classes run regularly and can be adapted to any level of touch-your-knee flexibility. Check out their site for all the info.

One Hot Yoga


Walking into South Yarra’s One Hot Yoga studio is like walking into a luxury spa. Open concrete floors, grey brick and cream furnishing create a calm, elegant space. Classes range from meditation to Power Flow yoga. One Hot Yoga’s signature class, Slow Hot Flow, is held in a sizzling 37-degree Celsius room for one hour, targeting your core and improving balance.



There’s no excuse to skip your daily dose of T-out with MOVE Yoga located just around the corner from Flinders Street. Classes include Yin Yang Flow yoga, three levels of power flow and sweaty hot flow yoga. Distinctively, express classes run for just 45 minutes and longer classes run for up to 75 minutes.

Grass Roots Yoga


Grass Roots Yoga offers a $60 introductory month of unlimited yoga as well as a range of classes heated at 37, 34, 32, 28 and 22 degrees Celsius for everyone whose energy bills are through the roof this winter. These guys specialise in yoga for people of all ages, levels and mindsets (looking at your scoffing the Oreos in bed).

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Image credit: Good Vibes Yoga (supplied)

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