Brunswick Just Scored A Dedicated Chicken Bistro, Serving Up One Helluva Chicken Sanga

By Rick Stephens
21st Sep 2022

They say do one thing, and do it well, and the just-opened Bird in Brunswick is leaning into that ethos, focusing on all things chicken.

The ruler of the roost on the menu is that of the fried variation—brined, covered in a buttermilk and dredged—to be specific. Between thigh, breast and drummies, the choice of cut is up to you, and it may be a tough choice at that. Those facing the choice paradox can opt for the Bang N Bird, which’ll feed two with all the above. Don’t forget a side of mash and gravy for cut-through. 

Anyone who prefers a lighter touch is spoiled for choice, too, where a handful of grilled and vegetarian options, like the eggplant bao, round out the menu.

Inside this bistro/homage to the hen you’ll find a healthy grip of spirits, around 300, and mostly Aussie labels. And with that in mind cocktails take centre stage: just take the tequila, agave and pickle brine-heavy Pickle Chickita as example. Local beers also get a run, with several of your favourite brewers from Melbourne’s inner north and west scoring a seat at the table.

Bird describes itself as a ‘chicken bistro’, so the vibe is kept cool, calm and casual throughout the service and wood-laden fit-out. And true to the description, you’re not going to pay a wing and a leg for a decent feed.

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Image credit: Parker Blain 

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