This Northside Roastery Is Giving Away Free Coffees For 10 Days

By Simon Cassar
4th May 2021

The exterior of Inglewood roastery a white brick building with people lining up out front.

Up in the northern end of Coburg, Inglewood Coffee Roasters is a white brick stronghold for some of Melbourne’s finest single-origin and espresso blend coffee. Their love of the sacred bean extends well beyond their own pleasure and fortune as they’ve just announced one hell of a free sample with coffees on the house for seven days to any punter who drops by. 

A newcomer to Melbourne’s coffee scene opening back in 2017, Inglewood has quickly risen amongst the ranks to one of the premier roasters and wholesalers, there is a loyal cohort of cafes across the city that have Inglewood coffee pouring on their bar daily. 

From Monday until Friday for two weeks starting Monday 10 May, Inglewood is throwing caution to the wind putting their all-star barista team through their paces. With a spiffy coffee cart decked out with some of the finest espresso-extracting machinery, the crew will be slinging free brews all day. Whether it be a straight long black, almond flatty, or soy cap you’ll walk away with one hell of a coffee and some extra change in your pocket. There are also some of the best pastries on offer but you’ve got to shell out for those. 

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