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Our Team-Approved Guide To Combating Dandruff

By Isabella Jeffrey

Woman with sunglasses on and anti-dandruff hair.

We’ve all felt it, the tiny itch on top of your head that turns to a scratch that signals (snow) flakes have returned to the peaks of our noggins. Dreaded dandruff.

Whether it’s changes in your hormones or the weather, we’ve all experienced dandruff at some point and here at Urban List, we’re here to help you break up with your flaky friends and give dandruff flakes the boot. 

With a little help from Dercos By Vichy, here are four tips and tricks to help ditch the caps and confidently sashay your locks year-round. 

Invest In A Good Anti-Dandruff Treatment Regularly

A good shampooing treatment can go a long way when it comes to keeping dandruff at bay. Next time you’re scanning the aisles keep an eye out for products that don’t include sulphates, parabens and colourants as these can at times make your flakage worse. 

Opt for tested and dermatologist-recommended products like Dercos by Vichy— available now with Chemist Warehousesee up to 100% visible dandruff eliminated after first use*. With a range of shampoos for all hair types packed with dandruff-fighting derm actives selenium DS and salicylic acid, scientifically proven to treat dandruff at its core while still maintaining your soft and shiny locks.  

Additionally, get the most out of your shower time by letting your shampoo soak on your scalp for a few minutes so the treatment can work its magic.

Bring The At-Home Spa To Your Scalp

If hours scrolling Korean hair-washing TikToks and years in the salon basin have taught us anything it's that beyond a hard-working shampoo nothing beats a good scalp massage. Remove old skin cells that contribute to an itchy and flakey scalp by incorporating a feel-good scalp massager or exfoliant into your routine. Paired with Dercos anti-dandruff products your flakes won’t stand a chance.

Person lying down drinking from water bottle

Hydrate Your Scalp

If you’re like us and proudly admit your emotional support water bottle is less than a metre away at all times, you’ll be relieved to know keeping up with your water intake can be beneficial for your scalp. Eyeing off a new Frank Green bottle? Now is the time to treat yourself as the more water we drink the less our skin and scalp can be prone to dryness meaning less flakes. 

Alongside a slick new water bottle and hydration routine, keeping on top of hair conditioning can do a world of good. Knowing how much to condition can sometimes help to reduce dandruff symptoms and restore your hair's pH balance when paired with a hard-working shampoo. Our rule of thumb? Apply conditioner to your tips first then comb through.

Wash Your Locks Post-Workout 

We understand the feeling after that early Pilates class of wanting to sit in your sweaty workout gear and scroll through TikTok for a few hours but breaking this habit can be one of the easiest steps to help kick your dandruff. Next time you come home from a sweat sesh instead of the couch make a beeline for the shower and get scrubbing. If you’re on the oily side, washing your hair post-workout can help to remove sweat and lift some of those old dead skin cells faster and for dry or sensitive scalp skipping the daily wash and slotting a quick rinse in between can help all the same.

For the first time in Australia, Dercos by Vichy is now available at Chemist Warehouse. Find more information on where to shop the exclusive range on their website.

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*Up to 100% visible dandruff eliminated

Consumer test on 262 subjects after 2 weeks of regular use. Cosmeto clinical study on 45 subjects after 4 weeks of use and 6 weeks of remanence.

Images: Urban List.

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