Hot Dog Hustle Is The Beloved Footscray Diner Just Metres From The Market

By Simon Cassar
4th Nov 2022

A red shop front with a truck painted on it.

Born from a venture to sunny California, the Hot Dog Hustle team discovered their love of the dog during a visit to Los Angeles. The varying Asian and Mexican-inspired topped hot dogs available on the West Coast compared to their New York counterpart captured the imagination of owner Mango Hunyh. 

Starting out in 2017 with their loaded hotdogs, serving them up out of the since-defunct Hot Dog Hustle food truck. Now with a shopfront, just metres from the Footscray market, the Hot Dog Hustle empire has been steadily growing since opening back in late 2019. 

At the core of the menu is a base that consists of a smoked, grilled (Halal-friendly) Australian beef sausage along with a fluffy milk bun. From that point, you’re free to explore the various toppings inspired by LA and Asian-style street dogs.

Front and centre is 'The Hustler', stacked with caramelised onion, kewpie and the in-house Hustler mayo, nori, fresh shallots and furikake—which is that sweet but savoury seasoning you’ll find sprinkled atop many Japanese dishes and rice. 

The adventurist types are appeased with a spicy number known as the Furi, where you’ll find Shichimi peppers, jalapenos, chilli flakes and shredded chilli within and on top of your dog.

Speaking with Mango, however, it was evident that the one that flies out the door is the Bulgogi Cheesesteak, the name says it all. This one’s jammed with the Korean-style Bulgogi steak, three types of cheeses, some spring onion for balance and a slathering of that Hustler mayo. 

Should you still have space, the fries with Japanese slaw is a side worthy of even the most ferocious of appetites. 

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Image credit: Hot Dog Hustle (supplied) 

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