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Get The Milk Ready, The Hot Sauce And Chilli Festival Is Back This Weekend

By Simon Cassar
13th Apr 2021

The outdoor beer area of Welcome To Brunswick with people seated at the tables drinking and talking

We can’t bloody hide our excitement about the Hot Sauce and Chilli festival hitting Welcome To Brunswick this weekend. If you push your tastebuds to the extreme, sink scorpion death chillies on the regular, and can’t eat a regular meal without some form of additional heat, then this is the event for you.

This homage to all things spicy will feature a hot sauce market with various chilli death dealers such as Melbourne Hot Sauce, Blair’s Death Sauce, Grumpy Gary’s each spruiking their own concoction of chilli and spice sauces ranging from flavour enhancers to complete face melters. 

For the uninitiated you’ll be able to spectate the 40 lucky souls that will take part in the Hot Sauce Tasting Challenge. A tempting lineup of the 10 hottest sauces from around the globe with a strict no milk policy and a signed waiver to even enter the event. The lucky last punter standing will be taking home a party keg and a trophy for the pool room.  

If you haven’t completely singed all of your tastebuds there’ll be a stellar lineup of craft beers and milk at the bar as well as Mr Burger and Woking Amazing holding it down food wise. 

The Details

When: 12 until 6pm, Saturday 17 April
Where: Welcome To Brunswick, 1 Frith St, Brunswick
To find out more information, click here.

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