Just Falafs Is Giving Away 1000 Free Pitas For International Falafel Day

By Kate Fleming
2nd Jun 2021

A green shop front with a logo that reads

You read that right. 1000 FREE pitas. Iconic falafel joint Just Falafs will be handing out these pitas on a first come, first served basis on Monday 14 June. It’s the Queen’s Birthday public holiday that day, but the occasion they’re celebrating is International Falafel Day (June 12)—we know which one we’d rather celebrate. No shade to the Queen, but these falafels are just too good to pass on. 

If this story sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. Just Falafs have done these giveaways before, but last year we had to go without due to you-know-what, but they’re back this year—lockdown or not. 

Each pita will be filled with their famous falafels, hummus, pickles, tomatoes, cucumber Israeli salad, pickled cabbage and tahini dressing. It’s the ideal takeaway meal which you can enjoy single-handed, and they’re naturally vegan too. 

While the pitas are free, bring some cash with you because they’re setting up a donation box on the day to raise money for Children’s Ground—an organisation that supports First Nations peoples with health, education and economic support. 

Run, don’t walk, because these pitas will go quick and there are no deliveries or pre-orders available on the day. Of course, have your mask on, check in with the QR code and make sure you socially distance to keep things running smoothly.

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