Your 2021 Guide To The Best Falafels In Melbourne

By Charlotte Revill
23rd Apr 2021

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Melbourne is home to some of the best falafel joints around, there are plenty of options to convert that one friend of yours that isn’t a fan. But if they’re still resistant, why not reel off these fun fala-facts: they’re delicious, low in calories, high in fibre, rich in protein and you can mix and match them with all kinds of dips, breads and salads. Check out our picks for where to find the best falafel in Melbourne. 

The Falafel Man


It takes guts to call yourself The Falafel Man, but with a special family recipe up their sleeve, this Prahran Market staple is living up to the name. Crunchy yet soft, you can have these falafels with your choice of fresh salads, homemade tahini and pitas. They’ve developed quite the cult following, so if you’re in the area, come and see for yourself why The Falafel Man deserves such a prestigious title. 

Very Good Falafel


The double act behind this foodie hotspot doesn’t mess about, they’ve been gaining popularity ever since their days at farmers’ markets. There are no frills or elaborate recipes. They just make them exactly how falafel should be—cooked then stuffed into one of their freshly baked Israeli-style pitas. It is simple honest food, but the flavours speak volumes. And that warm hummus topped with whole chickpeas and paprika is something else. Seriously, it’s Very Good Falafel


CBD and Docklands

This one’s for the city-siders. Tahini offers made-to-order falafel and tahini wraps with all the trimmings. When the head chef has flown over from Lebanon with his family recipes especially, you know you’re in good hands. Takeaway or dine in and enjoy a feast of falafels—exceptional value for money every time and one of the best falafels in Melbourne’s CBD. 

Zaaki Falafel Bar


Simplicity is key here. There are only six options to choose from, each featuring their signature, crispy house-made falafels front and centre. There is, of course, a traditional wrap with hummus, tahini and salad or you can try various different combos. Famous for their generous serve sizes and friendly service, Zaaki are a local gem worth commuting for. 

Pita Bar


If you’re on the east side, then Pita Bar is the place to go for some of the best falafels Melbourne has to offer. They do a mean halloumi falafel, but if you prefer to use cutlery instead of your hands, then go for the falafel plate. Great crispy falafel balls laden with their house salads and all the hummus you can dream of. Did we mention you always get a serving of house-made pickled veg with your order? 

Half Moon Café


A local favourite, this little café churns out its famous falafel non-stop for the queues that are usually waiting. And it’s obvious why when you try their fava bean falafel—it’s light and fluffy with a perfectly crispy surface. Make sure you load up your order with their homemade dips and salads, especially the smoky eggplant. You can’t beat Half Moon when it comes to falafel and kebabs all for under $15. 

The Pita Man

Caulfield North

From the hummus and tahini to the falafels and pita, everything is made fresh in-house at The Pita Man. Be transported to Tel Aviv when you order your falafel, made with the freshest of ingredients and served in your choice of pita pocket or salad bowl. In case those choices aren’t enough, you can also choose which kind of falafel you’d like. They offer three tasty options—the OG green falafel, a red harissa falafel and a true mediterranean variation with kalamata olives. 

Just Falafs

Fitzroy North

The name of this place may be a pun, but the food is no joke. Order a pita or a plate of falafels, or if you’re feeling fancy, order a pack. Just Falafs offers a vegan date night pack for two which includes falafels, hummus, pitas, two Middle Eastern-inspired salads and your choice of two San Pellegrino drinks. 

Hands down some of the best falafel Melbourne has to offer. The chips are damn good too, so we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention them. 

The Left-Handed Chef

South Melbourne

When you eat at the Left Handed Chef, you can be sure that every plate has been lovingly prepared by the namesake chef himself. Born in Israel, Ehud Malka takes inspiration from his home country as well as the places he’s visited to produce a cacophony of flavours under one roof. He gets up at 3am to make all the bread for the cafe every day, and ensures each plate is packed with flavour and nutrients to make you smile. And in case you’re wondering, yes, Ehud is left-handed. 



Open since 2010, this local institution offers both breakfast and lunch in the heart of Seddon. If you’re after falafels though, then go for lunch. All of Advieh’s lunch plates are served with flatbreads, two salads and a dip of your choice, so you definitely won’t leave hungry. The halloumi fries are a must while you’re there too—you’ll thank us later. They’ve also got their dedicated Advi’s Falafel venue around the corner in Yarraville if you’re a falafel purist. 

Téta Mona

Brunswick East

You can’t have a best falafel Melbourne list and not include Téta Mona. Using their grandmother Mona’s recipes, this family restaurant is all about cooking soulful Lebanese food from the heart. Park up in the heated marquee or settle in inside and graze the night away with their banquet options. Téta Mona falafels are made fresh with yellow and green peas and served with a classic combo of tahini, mixed pickles and pita bread. It’s a winner every time. They also use wholefoods and organic ingredients across the menu—it’s food for the body and soul alike. 



Open since 1979, Abla’s is a Lebanese institution in Melbourne thanks to the food of its namesake founder Abla Amad. She came to Australia in 1954 when she was just nineteen years old, and since then has developed a reputation for her home-style Lebanese cooking. The falafels are a highlight of the vegetarian offerings, but it would be remiss of us not to mention Abla’s famous Lebanese chicken and rice. If you’re trying to get your carnivorous friends to go out with you for falafel, this might just be the drawcard that’ll work in your favour. 

A1 Lebanese Bakery


Falafel pizza anyone? It may not be a cafe or restaurant, but the A1 Lebanese Bakery has been selling some of the best falafel in Melbourne since opening back in 1992. Their falafel pizzas are a vegan delight topped with mint, pickles and tomatoes. Their falafel wraps are a winner too, filled with falafels (duh), pickled cucumber, pickled turnips, lettuce, tomato and tahini sauce. We’d recommend stocking up on baklava while you’re there too. 


Moonee Ponds

This suburban restaurant is named after the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon—a renowned food and wine region—the menu celebrates traditional flavours and ingredients. Order their chickpea and broad bean falafels on their own or as part of the Bekka banquet, either way you’ll be treated to some hearty, ancient flavours from one of the oldest culinary spots in the world. 

Falafel Place


Pull up on Smith Street to sample the bounty of Falafel Place. Like many of these offerings, this place has quite a name to live up to, but it doesn’t disappoint. Go for the falafel wrap if you’re feeling peckish, but if you’re after a heartier option then we’d recommend the falafel and veggie wrap which comes complete with cauliflower and tabbouleh. Still not enough? Try the indulgent halloumi falafel wrap. They’re all under $13 so eat up friends, these are some of the cheapest and best falafel Melbourne’s got. 



If you’re someone who likes to have options, then go to Tavlin. Their menu has been created for you to customise your meal down to the dips and snacks that you’ll have with it. Have your falafels in a wrap, in a pita, in a hummus bowl, on a salad, on a plate, or with loaded fries, whatever you like. Add some extras, pick your sides and sauces and you’ve got a meal. They’ve also got some Lebanese drinks—alcoholic or not—for you to try with your food. It’s street food done seriously well. 

Now you know where to get your falafel fix, keep the veggies coming with Melbourne’s best vegetarian restaurants

Images Credit: Smäk via Instagram.

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