Here’s Where To Get Raclette In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers
30th Jun 2017


We’ve all seen those Insta vids of some legend scraping some molten cheese onto other delicious things floating around the internet, but I’m sure you’re wondering where you can get this in Melbourne—wonder no more.

So, if you’re in the mood for a bit of cheese (who isn’t), here are 3 places you can get raclette in Melbourne.

Two Beans And A Farm


On the banks of the Plenty River (and currently being swarmed by housing developments) you’ll find Two Beans & A Farm, a beautiful café serving up home-grown produce and—more importantly—raclette. The molten cheese here is scraped over the top of crunchy spuds. Cheese and potato is truly a match made in heaven.

Maker And Monger


A trip to Prahran Market wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Maker & Monger for a grilled cheese sandwich, but have you had a crack at their raclette? This chariot of cheese serves up traditional Swiss raclette spread over heritage potatoes and shiitake mushrooms—sure to warm your winter belly.



Eating your way through winter will definitely require a mac & cheese dish of some sort, so why not combine raclette with your love of a bit of macaroni? Smithward has put two and two together to create the Rac’n’Mac, and all of our food dreams have come true. You’ll get a classic mac & cheese straight out of the oven, which is then covered with grilled raclette cheese.

If raclette’s not your thing, never fear because we’ve found Melbourne’s best 50 cheese dishes and you can find them right here.

Image credit: Maker & Monger

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