7 Melbourne Restaurants Who Are Doing Their Bit For The Environment

By Sophie Hodges
5th Jun 2019


No doubt, Melbourne has some of the best restaurants and cafes going round.

But if you’re looking to dine more on the sustainable side and minimise your environmental footprint whilst enjoying a good meal, you're going to need to do some research.

We’ve checked out some of the best sustainable-minded restaurants in Melbourne who are committed to using local and ethically sourced produce.

Mesa Verde


Located on the 6th floor of the iconic Curtain House, Mesa Verde boats some of the best Mexican food in the city. The Mesa Verde team turn waste into compost with their rooftop worm garden, which they then use to harvest their vegetables. The food is sensational and full of flavour, and you know it’s pretty darn organic. Also, they have great tequila, just as a little bonus.

South Of Johnston


These guys really practise what they preach, with a strong emphasis on sustainable, delicious, well-priced food. With a focus on utilising local produce, the team at Sojo use a lot of smaller, boutique suppliers who sell free-range meats, wines, fruit, veg and much more.

In 2015 the restaurant installed 40 solar panels on their roof, which generate more than 60% of the electricity for the space.

Taxi Kitchen


Taxi’s menu focuses on contemporary Australian cuisine, with an Asian influence, and is dedicated to highlighting seasonal, local and sustainable food.

Taxi strives to minimise its footprint, by implementing strategies like the BottleCycler glass crusher, which means crushed glass can be recycled into new containers. They also focus on educating their staff, with regular field trips to visit suppliers to learn about the produce they’re serving.



Combi has been serving us up nutrition-filled food since 2008, and they’re still going strong. Inside you’ll find fresh pressed juices, nut mylk, organic super-food smoothies, super bowls, and just a whole heap of other wholesome, guilt-free, treats. The coffee is organic fair trade, and their herbal tea—100% organic and locally sourced.

Higher Ground


Firstly, let’s acknowledge this interior, it is top-notch. You’d go to Higher Ground just to enjoy the space, but lucky for you, their menu is also excellent. Blurring the lines between café and restaurant, Higher Ground has you covered no matter the occasion; breakfast, lunch, dinner or a bev.

With sustainability sourced produce, the team at Higher Ground also implement more obvious sustainable practices, like their ban on polystyrene and plastic straws.



You’ve likely already heard of Transformer. This vegetarian restaurant was a real game-changer for the Fitzroy dining scene. With a fully vegetarian menu, vegan and gluten-free options, Transformer is a pretty great example of a restaurant nailing sustainability.

Alongside their delicious menu, these guys also serve up some excellent organic wines, and killer cocktails.



Attica is one of the world's best restaurants, and to make things even better, they’re also committed to a more sustainable future.

A pretty unique experience, Attica take fine dining to a new level. The menu uses sustainable seafood and strongly believes in the ethical treatment of animals and livestock. Head chef, Ben Shewry, often uses native leaves in his dishes, with the entire menu inspired by elements of the land and ocean.

Image credit: Transformer

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