Show Your Partner A Little Love With These 6 Gestures That Won’t Cost You A Coin

By Caitlin Booth
6th Jan 2023

While buying gifts and dining at fancy restaurants is nice, it can be painful on the wallet and in these spenny times, lavishing our significant other can be the first thing we cut back on. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to show your S.O. a little love, there’s a bunch of oh-so-adorable things you can do that will make them feel special for precisely zero dollars. It turns out J.LO was right—love don’t cost a thing. 

Inspired by the power of the Post-it note to spark a spicey vibe in the new Paramount+ series, The Flatshare, we’ve scoped out our fave ways to show your partner some love for free and let the romance and good vibes flow. 

Leave Cute Post-It Notes With Loving Messages

Okay, we’re stealing this one straight from our fave new rom-com The Flatshare, but the premise is simple and seriously effective in dialling up those loving vibes. Just grab some Post-its and write something sweet to your honey. It can be anything from a compliment, telling them straight up what a babe they are, or perhaps it’s a little deeper, like something you admire about them. Then leave it somewhere around the house for them to find later, or pop it in their work bag so it can brighten their day in the office. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Bring Them Tea Or Coffee In Bed

Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of smooth coffee or aromatic herbal tea? The answer is no one. This sweet and simple gesture is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to showing your partner a little love for free. You’ll ensure they start their day with a warm feeling in their belly and trust us, the smile on their face (or the sound of their half-awake, surprised mumbling) as you walk into the room with a steaming cuppa will be an endorphin shot straight to the heart. 

Make Them Dinner And Do The Dishes 

If your relationship has the rule that when one person cooks, the other person cleans, this kind gesture is the perfect way to say ‘you’re special to me’. Level up your nightly routine and cook their fave meal, light some candles and maybe even set the dining table for a proper vibe. When you’re finished with your feast, send them straight to the couch to choose a show to stream (hint to all partner’s being treated, The Flatshare is a crowd-pleaser), while you head to the kitchen to clean up. 

Lock In Time In The Cal For One-On-One Time In Advance

We get it, life can get busy. There’s work, family commitments and getting social with your mates. But if you want to make your love feel like your number one priority, why not grab your calendar and pencil in time for just the two of you? Make it a no-phone hang too, so you unplug and get in some quality time. Go for a stroll along the beach, cook a meal together, have a picnic in the park or watch your fave show—the world is your oyster and it’s the forethought that counts. 

Write Them A Poem Or Draw Them A Picture

You don’t have to be Banksy or Rupi Kaur to pull this one off, plus a bit of analogue creativity is good for the brain as well as the heart. Go old school and craft something special for the one you love, with the resources at your disposal. Need some inspo? Think of the things you treasure most about your S.O. and write it down. It doesn’t have to rhyme (but it can if you want to) and leave it somewhere for them to find and read later. If you want to really dial up the cute, why not make a card—simply draw a picture of the two of you (it can legit be stick figures), and put your poem inside? Cue the heart-eye emoji. 

Spend Time With Their Friends And Fam

If you know your partner values quality time with their nearest and dearest (and they love to show you off while they’re at it) taking the initiative to pencil in time in the cal is sure to be a heart-warming winner. Better yet, organise a get-together with their mates and make it a surprise to really double down on the wow factor. If surprises are less appreciated, initiate the convo and invite their fam over for a Sunday lunch. Chance are, laughs, good food and quality time with your partner’s fave people is a gift that will live on in their memory bank longer than a fancy dinner, anyway. 

Keen to get a little more Post-it note inspo? Tune in to The Flatshare on Paramount+ now to see how the power of the Post-it can lead to a whole lot of love. 


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