A Dedicated Hand-Made Pasta And Sugo Store Has Opened In Fairfield

By Simon Cassar

Pasta is one of the greatest gifts of the culinary world, its variety of shape and diverse adaptability to a range of different sauces, stuffings, and bakes have cemented the Italian creation as a cornerstone of the modern diet. 

Introducing Pasta Poetry, the fresh new Fairfield local share this sacred ideology of pasta, their store on Station Street is a celebration of freshly made pasta, rolled and handcrafted daily by a team of in-house experts. Dropping into the store you’ll see a bountiful selection of house-made goods ready to take home and drop in the pot, with freshly made gnocchi, tagliatelle, ravioli—sugo and sauces, and potato and roasted garlic butter focaccias to accompany and mop up the sauce. There’s also a range of vegan and gluten-free options to satiate the Italian cravings of all dietary requirements.

Pasta Poetry was heavily Inspired by the northern city of Bologna known colloquially as ‘the fat’ city due to the rich dishes that originated from it like Bolognese, Tortellini, and the aged parmesans from its Emilio Reggiano province that it resides in. Executive Chef Elena Kavallaris who journeyed to the motherland spent six months trying her hand at perfecting Italian pasta making.

There’s a lot of love poured into the dough with the owner and founder Theo Krambias's passionate approach to providing restaurant-grade pasta to the public. “My team and I have spent the last few years perfecting the art of freshly made pasta, creating authentic sauced and garnishes to match. All we require our customers to do is to have a spare 5 minutes to boil the water”, says Krambias.

Pasta Poetry is rolling dough as we speak serving up customers at their Fairfield outpost with an online delivery service in the works for the end of May.

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Image credit: Simon Shiff (supplied) 


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