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There’s A Massive Marshmallow Stacked Rocky Road Festival Coming To Melbourne

By Ioana Dragnef
21st Apr 2021

rocky road chocolate being cut up into squares.

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie and the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie are back to their impressive chocolate-slinging antics with the month-long Rocky Road Festival of Flavours. And while you’re probably still getting your cavities filled from the seemingly endless supply of easter eggs in the pantry buckle up because this one’s a biggie. 

We’re talking a three-metre long cabinet of Rocky Road temptations—pick and mix from 31 different flavours, including cookies and cream, salted caramel popcorn, and a metre-long slab of Rocky Road that you can take home to devour. This year also includes gluten free and vegan options opening up the sugar-stacked mayhem to all walks of dietary life. 

Did we mention the special menu of Rocky Road infused desserts, ice creams, sundaes, waffles and Rockin’ Hot Chocolates? They’ll be on offer from the all-day café so make sure to leave some room for even more dessert. If you feel like trying your hand at your own signature inspired Rocky Road there are also speciality workshops to help you blend, mix, and set your creation.  

The Rocky Road Festival of Flavours will go from Saturday 1 May until Sunday 31 May. So book your tickets and call your dentist, because it’s going to be yet another chocolate-filled month.


Where: Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, Mornington Peninsula & Great Ocean Rd Chocolaterie
When: Saturday 1 May until Sunday 31 May
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