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Live Large In A Tiny House For The Ultimate Eco-Getaway

By Rick Stephens
25th Mar 2021

A tiny house on a lush green hill.

The trend for tiny living has been growing in a big way over the last decade, with YouTube channels like Living Big in a Tiny House amassing almost 4 million subscribers and tiny house shows popping up on Netflix. It’s fair to say tiny houses are making a big impression at the moment, and they’re not going away any time soon. Regulations are still a bit tricky in Victoria when it comes to living in one permanently, so weekend getaways and short-term stays are the way to go.

Tiny Away is the Australian network of tiny, eco-friendly houses for the eco-conscious traveller. They’ve got over 70 architect-designed, self-sufficient houses scattered across NSW and Victoria in some truly beautiful, rural locations. They’re the ideal getaway from city life with their focus on having nature and space outside of the accommodation, rather than inside it. Lucky for us, they’ve just announced three brand new tiny houses right here in Victoria, so it’s time to hit the road. 

The three new houses are in some of the most picturesque spots in the state—Mornington Peninsula, Latrobe Valley and San Remo which overlooks Phillip Island. Each of the houses is set against a stunning natural background from the Strzelecki Ranges, to private farm tracks and the shimmering waters of Western Port Bay. They’re the perfect spot to kick back with a cup of tea—or something stronger—flick through that book you’ve been meaning to read for weeks and watch the world turn. 

“It is all about leaving the worries of the daily grind behind and really connecting with nature,” says Jeff Yeo, co-founder of Tiny Away. Sounds pretty perfect to us, you can already feel the stress melting away. Not to mention the stunning designs for each house—you can expect a calming space in each house with natural timber or stone details, luxurious textiles, an indulgent queen-size bed, and plenty of tiny-sized homey touches. 

Each house in the Tiny Away network is located on private land, which benefits you—hello private sanctuary—as well as the land owner. Using a social enterprise model, Tiny Away aims to help farmers and landowners in drought or fire-stricken areas unlock the earning potential of their land. In return, hosts frequently offer extra activities for guests to up that back-to-nature experience even more. Think horse riding, farm experiences, walks, massages, and quad-bikes for the adrenaline junkies, all with sustainability in mind of course. 

Discover more tiny houses and book your tiny away eco-vacay here.

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