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The Best Places To Go Ice Skating In Melbourne

By Allira Sher
15th Aug 2018

With no magical frozen lakes in Melbourne (though it’s damn cold enough, am I right?), the closest thing we’re going to get to 'winter wonderland' is an ice-skating rink. Probs in a shopping centre. Them's the breaks when you live about 20km from the sun.

Still, there are some good spots to skate in Melbourne, if you know where to look. Not all of these are open year-round. Seasonality plays a big part, so get your skates on (see what we did there?). Here are the best places for ice skating in Melbourne. 

Eastland Ice Skating Rink

Righto, the first thing you need to know about this rink is that it’s totally awesome. The second thing is that it only runs in Winter, so there's not much time to check it out. The custom-built rink has popped up for the last couple of years at Eastland Town Square. The guys even made it 20% bigger this year (stay tuned for 2018, when it takes over all of Ringwood). Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, these guys are encouraging everyone to come for a skate amongst the snow-topped trees and twinkling fairy lights before it closes on August 26. Reward yourself after with lunch at Abacus All Day

Where: Eastland Town Square, Ringwood
When: Every day till 26 August 
For more info, click here

O’Brien Group Arena

The O’Brien skate rink is the largest and most respected ice arena in Australia (wowza). It’s hiding in the heart of the Docklands, right next door to District Docklands Shopping Centre, so it’s perfect for a full day out. These guys offer speed and figure skating lessons too, so you can get a few sessions in before you take your hot date. Here's a hot tip for all you would-be Romeos though—don't act all pro and start doing triple-axel twists etc. People love an ice-dork. 

Where: 105 Pearl River Rd, Docklands 
When: All year round, 7 days a week
For more info, click here

Olympic Ice Skating Centre

If you want your kids to become future Olympians, we guess this place makes sense. But it's not just for pros. Grown-ups, families and bday bashes are welcome at this place (which probably means skating and cake…what’s better than that?). Skates are free to hire (we like) and there are a bunch of different lessons, including ICE HOCKEY. Lock that one in and start re-watching Mighty Ducks. Prices are pretty reasonable as well—just $24 bucks per sesh, and the rink is open throughout the year. There’s even a Sunday night disco, which sounds just as fun as it does disastrous. We’re game, hbu?

Where: 1080 Centre Rd, Oakleigh South 
When: All year round, 7 days a week
For more info, click here


Guys, meet iceHQ, Melbourne’s newest ice-skating baby. Just 14kms from the CBD, these guys offer free parking (or there’s public transport nearby). The rink started as a basketball court before turning into an ice-cold inline skate rink. You'll get a lot of professionals and semi-professionals training here, but it’s open to us rookies as well. Whether you’re completely hopeless on the ice (me), a budding figure skater or a pro ice hockey enforcer, there’s a chance to develop all of your skills through lessons and tournaments throughout the year.

Where: 1 Blake St, Reservoir
When: All year round, 7 days a week
For more info, click here

Ice skating not your thing? No probs. Here's 100 other things to do in Melbourne. Knock yourself out. 

Image credit: Jason Leung

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