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Fargo & Co
Richmond , VIC

A gorgeous bank-themed cocktail bar set inside the heritage Swan Street State… Read More +

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PSA: This Melbourne Bar Is Slinging The Better Version Of Butterbeer
By Ellen Seah - 18 Jun 2018

For the generation that grew up with Harry Potter, Voldemort and Hogwarts, Section 8 has teamed up with Baron Samedi to answer all of your… Read More +

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This Distillery Lets You Age Your Own Personal Whisky Cask
By Megan Whitfield - 12 Jun 2018

Gin may be having a moment right now, but whisky enthusiasts—this one's for you. Thanks to Alchemy Distillers in… Read More +

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Little Jax
Melbourne , VIC

The guys from Easeys are taking over Melbourne, one kitchen at a time. And… Read More +

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Prince Patrick Hotel
Collingwood , VIC

Don’t let the crumbling exterior fool you—Prince Patrick Hotel is a step… Read More +

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The Wayside Inn
South Melbourne , VIC

The Wayside Inn has seen a few iterations over its 100-odd year run. This is the… Read More +

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Where To Get Melbourne’s Best Parmas
By Megan Whitfield - 30 May 2018

It's no secret that Aussies love the mighty chicken parma. It's been a stalwart option on pub menus for centuries (slight… Read More +

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The Gem Bar & Dining
Collingwood, VIC

Vegetarian American barbeque has hit Melbourne streets and dining will never be the… Read More +

Bars & Pubs
Blackhearts & Sparrows | Fitzroy
Fitzroy , VIC

Amazing how the time flies. Blackhearts & Sparrows started up back in 2006 with… Read More +

Bars & Pubs
Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Brew Bars
By Evan Jones - 29 May 2018

Craft beer is everywhere in Melbourne these days. In fact, it's become so prolific that a lot of brewers prefer the term… Read More +

Bars & Pubs
Where To Find The Best Bars In Fitzroy
By James Shackell - 29 May 2018

If you’re going to thank one suburb for two decades of Melbourne’s bar scene boom, thank Fitzroy. Draw a red line around… Read More +

Bars & Pubs
Don’t Be Alarmed But Coco Pops Martinis Are Now Available In Melbourne
By Ben Tyers - 25 May 2018

Life is just like a chocolate milkshake—only crunchy. And that’s the same way you’re going to describe the latest martini… Read More +

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