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Melbourne’s Best Karaoke Bars

By Millie Lester
9th Oct 2017


You can tell a lot about a person by their karaoke song choice, in fact it’s the best way to find out if you’re going home with a psychopath that night (i.e. Nickleback fan) so before you take your Tinder date to the next level, drag them to one of these ripper karaoke bars to find out if they’re worth the time (or the straight jacket).

Here are the best karaoke bars in Melbourne.

F.M. Karaoke


Split over two levels, F.M. Karaoke has all your vocal (and drinking) needs covered. You can choose from the public karaoke bar downstairs where you have to wade through all the Meatloaf to get to the Missy Higgins, or you can opt for one of the four private rooms upstairs where you can limit your humiliation to a handful of friends.

Jankara Karaoke


Jankara provides yet another public opportunity to bust some tunes thanks to its open layout. Not only does the venue have endless drinks on tap and a small stage to ‘make you feel like a woman, man’ but Jankara has to have one of the thickest songbooks in the city. There’s no classic hit that isn’t in the system at this karaoke getup.

KBOX Karaoke


KBOX Karaoke is a Melbourne classic and is renowned for its comprehensive collection of both English and Oriental hits. If the ritzy overhanging disco balls don’t get you in the mood, then their full equipped, Dutch courage-packed, on-premises bar certainly will.

PartyWorld Karaoke


PartyWorld is, in fact, Taiwan’s hottest karaoke brand and it’s currently singing up a storm on the streets of Melbourne. Located in the ever-convenient location of Melbourne Central and featuring no less than 44 rooms, there’s a size and a song for everyone. There’s even a team of chefs dishing up an array of Asian classics to ensure your karaoke energies never waver.

Rainbow Karaoke


Rainbow Karaoke is one of the biggest karaoke bars in the whole of Melbourne and is also packed with a whopping 44 rooms (how can a bar possibly fit 44 rooms??). Each of the rooms has a ripper theme like pirates or cowboys, which means you can go every weekend for a year and never have the same experience twice. Bonza.

Strike Bowling QV


Strike Bowling in QV certainly packs a punch entertainment-wise thanks to it’s fully equipped bowling alleys and laser tag courses, but its biggest drawcard is by far it’s private karaoke room which holds up to 35 people and all for a very affordable hourly rate.

Rice Queen


Glam your evening right up with a trip to delish oriental diner and bar, Rice Queen. Not only is it slammed with delicious Asian cuisine but they have their very own karaoke room hidden at the back of the diner. You can book the whole room out for you and fourteen of your closest friends for only $15 a head and for a whopping ninety minutes.

Stars KTV Karaoke & Lounge


Hot on the heels of the Melbourne karaoke scene is its newest player, Stars KTV Karaoke & Lounge. With no less than 31 ritzy rooms equipped with the latest in vocal technology, including yuuuuuge TV screens, sound systems and laser lighting, you’ll be singing all 200,000 in absolute luxury.

Ichi Ni Nana


Holding the title of the 'Least Sticky Karaoke Room In Melbourne', we've got Ichi Ni Nana on Brunswick St. Their brand new karaoke bunker is a private sing-a-long dream. You can get cocktails and share plates in there (go the pork katsu skewers), and there's a solid mix of tunes to keep you pumping all night. The best way to do it is to start downstairs with dinner, work your way up to the rooftop bar for cocktails, then polish off the night with a private sing session in the karaoke bar. Niiiice. 

Blue Moon Bar


Head on down to the Blue Moon Bar on Russell Street this Thursday night (9pm - 1am) for the cheapest and loudest night of your hot little life. Not only can you belt out classics and one-hit wonders until the cows come home, but you can treat yourself to free pizza from 9pm, and $6 pints from 9-10pm (say whaaaaaat).

You're going to need a drink before attending any of these establishments, here are Melbourne's best bars.

Image credit: Rice Queen

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