78 Of Melbourne’s Best Burgers

By Brennan Lukav - 23 Aug 2017

Demazzi’s Stonegrill | Essendon
Essendon, VIC 1 Image
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Three One 2 One
Richmond , Victoria 1 Image
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The Grand Trailer Park Taverna
Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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Leonard’s House of Love
South Yarra, VIC 1 Image
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Juanita Peaches
Brunswick, VIC 1 Image
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Fat Jaks
St Kilda , VIC 1 Image
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Royal Stacks
Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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Royal Stacks | Brunswick
Brunswick, VIC 1 Image
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Gorilla Grill
Maribyrnong, VIC 1 Image
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L.A. Burgers
South Yarra, VIC 1 Image
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The Fish & Burger Co.
Doncaster East, VIC 1 Image
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Skipping Girl Take Away
Abbotsford, VIC 1 Image
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Kustom Burgers
Thornbury, VIC 1 Image
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Changz Canteen
Elsternwick , VIC 1 Image
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Mocha Jo’s Burger Bar
Glen Waverley, VIC 1 Image
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On It Burgers Ferntree Gully
Ferntree Gully, VIC 1 Image
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YOMG | Glen Waverley
Glen Waverley, Vic 8 Images
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YOMG | Mornington
Mornington, VIC 1 Image
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Sliders on Tyres
Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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Humburger | Hawthorn
Hawthorn, VIC 1 Image
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Tuck Shop Take Away
Caulfield North, VIC 1 Image
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Burgerlove | South Melbourne
South Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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The Burger Block
Kew , VIC 1 Image
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The Royale Brothers
Brighton, VIC 1 Image
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Arbory Bar and Eatery
Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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Collingwood, VIC 1 Image
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Wonky Trolley
North Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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Andrew’s Hamburgers | Albert Park
Albert Park, VIC 1 Image
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Andrew’s Hamburgers | CBD
Melbourne, VIC 8 Images
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Nostimo & Co
Elsternwick , VIC 1 Image
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Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill
Moorabbin, VIC 1 Image
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Beatbox Kitchen Food Truck
Melbourne, VIC 1 Image
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Dribbles Burgers
Essendon , VIC 1 Image
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Truck Stop Deluxe
Werribee , VIC 1 Image
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Darling Street Espresso
Moonee Ponds, VIC 1 Image
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Parlour Diner
Windsor, VIC 1 Image
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There was a time in Melbourne when the best burgers came from your local fish and chip place, usually with a slice of beetroot and a couple of extra dim sims. Actually, now we think about it, those are still pretty f*cking good.

But burgers have evolved over the last decade or so. North, south, east and west, Melbourne has embraced the burger to its dark and fickle heart. Milk buns were big for a while, then came the Brioche juggernaught. We've had squid ink buns, doughnut buns, double stacks, triple stacks, fried chicken and waffle burgers, sushi burgers and burgers cross-bred with meat pies. We sent out expert burger blogger, Burgers of Melbourne, out into the suburbs to track down the best patties this city has to offer.

So here you go, Melbourne. Buckle the hell up. We present the best burgers in the city.

  1. Demazzi Stone Grill | The Lucky Mac is the burger of choice, not only because I made it myself, but it is also their most popular burger.
  2. Three One 2 One | We keep returning to this joint in Richmond because every burger is better than the last. These guys know their burgers and nail the meat/sauce/cheese ratio every single time.
  3. Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. | Noosa's classic burger now has a home on Elizabeth Street, and boy oh boy they're good. Have a go at the Betty's Classic Stack and throw in a Peanut Butter Brittle concrete just for good measure.
  4. Grand Trailer Park | When it comes to a CBD location, you can't beat Grand Trailer Park. Top pick is The Atomic, which has a wicked balance of beef and cheese on a toasted sesame bun.
  5. Leonard’s House Of Love | If you love a good slathering of melted cheese then you'll love Leonard's. Pro tip: add potato tots to your burger!
  6. Juanita Peaches | Carb lovers rejoice, these guys make some bangin' house made buns! Double up on everything, including the pickles. Seriously.
  7. Cool Bean Kitchen | If you’re up for the challenge and want your photo on the Wall of Fame, the Gorilla Burger has double beef, double fried chicken, double bacon, triple cheese and a whole lotta other dirty fixings!
  8. Found 401 | Found 401 is a great spot for a burger in Sunshine with ample seating inside as well as some seating outside. BBFC is a hidden menu item which is the best burger on their menu.
  9. Fat Jak's | The buns are branded. How much cooler can a burger get? Leave your health conscious negativity at the door and prepare for one hell of a cheat meal.
  10. Sonny's Fried Chicken and Burgers | These guys know how to fry a chook and they do it darn well! Don’t even bother with a single, you’ve gotta double up and don’t forget to pour some of their house-made hot sauce on top!
  11. Royal Stacks | Go the King and add another patty! If you are feeling a little wild, get some of their famous liquid cheese and potato tots
  12. Gorilla Grill | Did somebody say fried chicken IN waffles? We’re talking crispy toasted, golden waffles, gnarly fried chicken, cheese, bacon, spicy mayo and golden syrup!
  13. The Famished Wolf | Tucked away in industrial Braeside but worth turning your GPS on for. The burgers are Instagrammable AF but back it up with juicy beef and some seriously tender fried chicken. Ask for extra liquid cheese and thank us later.
  14. L.A Burgers | You’ve heard of In-N-Out Burger, well here’s one better! L.A Burgers is inspired by that easy American style and their triple patty is something glorious to behold!
  15. The Fish & Burger Co. | Burgers that require both hands to pick up, the burgers are notoriously sloppy, loaded with cheese and sauce, just as any good burger should be! The top pick is the super dirty and delicious 'Triple X'.
  16. Skipping Girl Takeaway | One bite of the pillowy brioche buns and you’ll be sold. They’ve got good beef but it’s the fried chicken that will knock your socks off. And go nuts with the condiments, there’s over 60 to choose from!
  17. Blue Marlin Fish & Chips | This old fish and chip shop recently got a fresh lease on life, the blue marlin special is the way to go. Double beef and fried chicken. Close the door!
  18. 1090 Burger | Starting as a food truck on Ruckers Hill, 1090 made its way to a permanent Swan St location in 2015. Unlike a lot of other burger bars, 1090 use a chicken thigh fillet for its 1090 Chicken, and it’s fried beautifully.
  19. F.A.T. Fried & Tasty | One of the best poutines we've had in Melbourne, plus a killer fried chicken burger. Double trouble right there. 
  20. Masters Of Burgerology | Ignore all the healthy bits (cya later tomatoes) and focus on the meat! Good fried chicken but the beef is standout thanks to the perfect patty melt!
  21. Burgertory | Some of Melbourne's best loaded fries, plus burgers named after the seven deadly sins. You're gonna have to pray for bigger pants. 
  22. Kustom Burgers | Whatever you do, just make sure you try some fried chicken at Kustom. The beef is pink and juicy so mix up your burger with both!
  23. Changz Canteen | Chilli Cheeseburger with fried chicken and changz famous hot sauce - The best thing about this burger is it actually had no salad, it has the basics and they are done right.
  24. Cultural Commons | These guys have nailed the variety factor. There's fish, chicken, veggie or the classic beef, which comes in a whopping 180g patty! Go the American Nightmare with a side of fries.
  25. Between 2 Buns | With three locations in the west, Between 2 Buns must be doing something right to please the locals. Nice soft patties, succulent fried chicken, crispy bacon and a good sauce mix.
  26. Mocha Joe's Burger Bar | From a hole in the wall comes some quality burgers!! Mac n cheese and the wagyu shine high here.
  27. Dandenong Pavilion | Of all the places to go custom, this is it! The chefs are open to adding whatever extras are on hand so there are some pretty wild burgers flying out of this kitchen!
  28. Two Kings Cafe | These guys don’t just do fried chicken. They do the most finger-lickin, super seasoned, crispy, deep-fried-to-absolute-perfection kind of chicken. Oh, and the bun and slaw rate pretty well too.
  29. On It Burgers | Soft and super juicy, the beef is awesome so definitely add an extra to whatever burger you choose. Triple it if you can but save room for a milkshake (there's 16 flavours, just FYI)
  30. The Resistance Bar | It'll be a solid effort but do yourself a favour and go the triple. These guys have the best patty melt on EVERY layer and it's glorious!
  31. YOMG | Yes, it's worth the hype! Not only photogenic AF, pretty much every burger on the menu is a winner but our top pick is The Kingsway and make it a double!
  32. Sliders On Tyres | The MVP of all the mini burgers, these guys make sliders look as badass as any regular sized burger! We're not fans of small portions though (obvs) so add an extra beef patty!
  33. Balwyn Canteen | Donuts, burgers and thickshakes are what they do best, and just looking at their Insta feed is making us hungry for more. Our pick is the Senior with a peanut butter shake and donut on top.
  34. Home To Roost | The folks at Home To Roost will make you reconsider having ever ordered fried over grilled chicken. Rotisserie chickens are their forte and they nail each and every bird!
  35. Miss Alex & Co. | If you get beef, make sure you ask for it to be cooked Medium but it's the Louisi Burger with southern fried chicken that's the standout. Good crunch with a bangin' spicy mayo.
  36. Hello Sam | Cheese lovers, this is the place for you! The Sam The Man burger comes with a cheddar ale melt and we're not even kidding when we say it will change your life!
  37. Little Food Hut | Slick Rick with a Chick is the burger of choice
  38. Humburger | If you're after pure beef and cheese hit this is your place!!
  39. Tuckshop Takeaway | We hate the saying "melts in your mouth" but there's just no other way to describe the next level juiciness of the beef patties here. So good, a double order is a must!
  40. 4 Fingers | With two flavours (SOY GARLIC and HOT) it doesn’t matter which one you choose, because the fresh brushed crispy free range chicken is some of the best going around.
  41. St Burgs | The kings of the smashed patties! With the burnt edges, it gave the outer bites a bit of a crunch while the inner bites are kept nice and soft.
  42. Burgerlove | Formerly Cafe 51, this South Melbourne burger bar is easily recognizable by the people massaging their jaws as they walk out the front door. Our pick is the MEATAXE
  43. The Burger Block | Known for their fusion burgers, the asian-infused beef patties are a real point of difference. There are burgers hailing from Japan to Thailand or an epic 3kg burger challenge aptly named 'The Jack Hammer!'
  44. The Royale Brothers | Great for takeaway, these guys have a solid reputation with the locals. The Royale Double is the popular choice and the pickles are notoriously delicious so don't pick them out!
  45. Arbory Eatery | You won't find a better view to enjoy with your burger than at the Arbory. The classic cheeseburger has a nice, sweet bun with a good mix of sauce and we can't stop raving about the fries!
  46. Easey's | Rooftop dining isn’t nearly as cool as roof-train-carriage dining. They've got all your classic burger fixings but our pro tip: add a potato cake!
  47. Wonky Trolly | You’ll be spoilt for choice so we recommend going custom! Start with a double or triple patty of juicy beef, then go nuts with extras like kransky, bacon or house made Wonky sauce.
  48. Andrews Hamburgers | The type of old school burgers like Dad used to bring home from the local fish n chip shop but like, ten times better!
  49. Flame 400 Burgers | Old MacDonald himself would be proud of the E-I-E-I-O burger at Flame! They’ve rounded up all the farmyard animals with triple cheese for an absolute beast of a burger!
  50. Iddy Biddy | Our burger of choice? The Southern fried chicken burger. The chook was soft, juicy and full of flavour, while the chilli sauce and jalapeños brought everything together really nicely.
  51. Groove Train Plenty Valley | There's an entire separate menu of custom burgers only available at this GT location. And they all fall right into the "exceeds expectations" category!
  52. Three Crowns Hotel | No other burger in Melbourne will give you the meat sweats like the Double American Cheeseburger at Three Crowns. These patties are next level epicness!
  53. Hello Harry | Just before you take your Yarra Valley tour, drop in for these burgers. From sides and quality beef, they'll keep hangry away.
  54. Launch Espresso | The brains behind Boss Burger Co are Launch Espresso, this was the first venture for the boys - Quality all around, any burger here will make you happy
  55. Nostimo & Co. | Nostimo are always coming up with new things, from soft serve burgers, Nutellalla fries on shakes. One to hit for something different!
  56. Fat Bob's | If it's a classic burger fix you're after, you can't go past the famous Jackie O. The place does get packed out so call ahead to book!
  57. Laurie Dee's | With crispy edges and soft-in-the-middle the beef actually melts in your month. We opted for the triple patty Laurie Dee
  58. Ziggy's Eatery | The Recovery is the burger of choice, double up or go home!
  59. Monroes Burgers | Out in the Yarra Valley comes some of the freshest beef around!! House sauces are great. One for a road trip!
  60. Beatbox Kitchen | One of the OG burgers around. Recently have opened a store, their burgers are top notch and sauces are on point.
  61. Rons Handburger | Ron's may just be a food truck but the quality of the beef they pump out are unreal! Mix it with chicken and your set for the day.
  62. Mad Patties | Go mad with Mad patties, think cheese melt perfection juicy patties and a great range of shakes, sides, smoothies and juices.
  63. Dribbles | 10 points for the kickass basketball theme and another 10 for all the extra trimmings that come standard in every burger!
  64. Boss Burger Co | Boss Burger Co is the real deal when it comes to fried chicken burgers. Worth the trip to Geelong just for one of these? Definitely.
  65. Truckstop Deluxe | Think Grand Trailer Park but in the west. Slinging out delicious patties and alcoholic milkshakes, Truckstop Deluxe is definitely spicing things up in Werribee.
  66. Burger Kitchen | The BK special is the burger of choice here: beef, chicken, bacon, melted cheese, fries, tomato, lettuce, onion, BBQ sauce and lashing of aioli.
  67. Darling Street Espresso | We recommend the double cheeseburger. Everything you want with Mac n Cheese at no extra charge!
  68. Parlour Diner | Our pick is to go for the fried chicken burger and wash it down with a chocolate milkshake.
  69. Rude Boy Burgers | Loaded fries, loaded onion rings, even loaded potato skins. These are some of the best stacks in Brunswick. Go the fried chicken burger with a cheeky slice of pineapple. It's nuts. 
  70. That Burger Joint | An OTT fat stacks extravaganza, serving deep fried mac n' cheese doughnuts to boot. A slayer of appetites. 
  71. Hide n' Seek Fish & Chips | Triple cheeseburger with added potato cakes? 'Nuff said. 
  72. Burger Road | Beef, Chicken and (an all time favourite) avocado, topped with liquid cheese? All in the one burger. Hell Yes!
  73. Tally Kitchen | This one's a gym with a burger bar attached. You can go naughty or nice, depending on how hard you worked out. No judgement. 
  74. Phat Pizza & Burger | Keeping it simple, Phat Pizza and Burger has been set up as a fast food / quick stop kind of venue. Burgers are being sent out of the kitchen in record of time. 
  75. The Bluff | The Mega Blast is our burger of choice—2 x beef and fried chicken always goes down a treat.
  76. Burger Kitchen | Great burgers with an open kitchen, what's not to like? Our pick is the Triple Pleasure: 3 x beef, 3 x cheese and 3 x bacon.
  77. Humdinger | Frankston’s number one burger joint with one of the best loaded fries in town. Beach bod? Who cares. 
  78. D'Lish Fish | Known for their fish, but should be known for their burgers. sSngle, double, triple – the beef at Dlish is outstanding. Don’t leave without the fried Nutella balls.

Hungry for more? We've rounded up the best burgers in Melbourne's West and North, plus the best fried chicken stacks in town.

When Brennan's not writing articles about burgers for The Urban List you can track him down at Burgers of Melbourne.

Image credit: Leonard's House Of Love | Michelle Jarni

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