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9 Of Melbourne’s Best Tattoo Studios To Get Inked At

By Jack Colquhoun
11th Jun 2019

Perth's Best Tattoo Studios Parlours

Tattoos aren’t just for bikers and hipsters anymore. And with tattoo studios now almost as common as fish ‘n’ chip shops, how are you supposed to know where to go? We’ve compiled the best places to get inked in Melbourne so you can finally tick ‘Get A Tattoo’ off your bucket list. Whether you're after script specialists or tribal tattooists, we’ve got you covered.

Fine Line Tattoo


The crew at Fine Line has completely disrupted the tattoo game here in Melbourne since their arrival. Obviously, the name hints to their style (it’s fine line if you're struggling) but damn it if they don’t always look absolutely perfect. In a beautiful interior space, Cholo and his crew will ensure you’ll feel at home during your sessions.

Alchemy Tattoo


Hawthorn tattoo resident Alchemy is known for their wicked style and turning your perfect tattoo idea into a reality. With a massive artist line up all with their own individual styles and tattooing techniques, no matter what you are looking for, Alchemy will be able to link you up with their best artist for the job.

Blue Lady Tattoo


Think of the stereotypical, grungy tattoo parlour set in a dark basement somewhere creepy. Well, Blue Lady Tattoo is the complete opposite. The studio is in a spacious, done-up loft warehouse with full-length windows letting in a steady stream of sunshine. The walls and cabinets are adorned with tattoo art and random trinkets, and thanks to a previous tenant, there's even a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.

Good Luck


A classic shop front with tattoo art lining the walls inside, Good Luck’s style places emphasises on Western trad and modern abstract designs. These guys constantly produce some absolutely amazing pieces for Melbourne’s tattooing community to enjoy for the past seven years and well into the future.

Dynamic Tattoo  


Open since 1991, the team at Dynamic Tattoo have seen it all. You can book in with any one of the five resident tattooists, plus they host international guest artists, so you’re sure to find the design and style you’re after. Over the years, the art from the team has even been exhibited in the National Gallery of Victoria.

Melbourne Tattoo Company


Once, housing wool workers and magic vendors, you’ll now find it home to one of the most reputable tattoo parlours in Melbourne. Combining over 25 years of experience in the art the people at Melbourne Tattoo Co. will ensure that your idea will come to fruition exactly the way you want it to.

Victims of Ink

South Yarra

Getting your first tattoo is slightly terrifying. I think it’s the sound of the tattoo gun, the big tatted-up guys and the overwhelming fear of getting permanent ink needled into your skin. But rest assured, there’s none of that here—the gifted humans at Victims of Ink have created the ultimate relaxed vibe for inking your skin.

Eternal Instinct Tattoo


If it’s good enough for Pink, then it’s good enough for us. And if you’re after a Japanese dragon, koi or hannya mask, make sure to book an appointment with the Eternal Instinct founding father himself, Giovanni Di Mizo. You might be waiting a while, but it’ll be worth it.

Devils Ink Tattoo


Devils Ink is a fine flash and custom design studio, so if you’ve got an idea for a tattoo but aren’t exactly Picasso on paper, just send the team your idea in any format and they’ll take care of the rest. And if you want to get that Chinese symbol removed from your lower back, the guys at Devils Ink have you covered with the latest laser technology.

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Image Credit: Eldad Carin

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