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The 25 Best Cafes In Melbourne For 2022

By Simon Cassar
5th Apr 2022

A shot of the inside of Terror Twilight cafe.

Melbourne is home to some of the best cafes in the world, the standard we set is replicated all over, and it's no surprise as the quality of our coffee and brunch options are second to none. 
From spots for a quick coffee and a pastry to Sunday brunch to fine dining-level menus, we've got it all. 

To help you navigate through this caffeine-soaked world, we've rounded up the best cafes in Melbourne for 2022: 

Terror Twilight 


This friendly little corner resting cafe on Johnston Street has all the ingredients of a stellar cafe, their coffee is always on point, a delicious menu, and an all-star team always makes you feel right at home. The light-filled space of Terror Twighlight is always brimming with hungry punters sitting down to brunch options with a cup of coffee in tow. 

best cafes melbourne

Auction Rooms 


Head to Errol Street for one of Melbourne’s most loved and lauded cafes, Auction Rooms. The coffee is as good as it gets, and the menu features a range of breakfast favourites from chorizo scrambled eggs to black rice pudding which they sling out to the busy weekend crowds. 

best cafes in melbourne

The Kettle Black


This southside institution has been made famous by its high-visual and fanciful dishes, and its distinct Victorian style two-level terrace house. The Kettle Black’s seasonal menu is always full of flare and colour, combining the relaxed aged feel of the cafe with a spruce of modern Melbourne fare.

best cafes in melbourne

Everyday Coffee


Always swarming with a crowd of dedicated followers, Everyday is the daily ritual of many. Known for its coffee (roasted in-house) and its simple yet tasty menu of breakfast and lunch options with bagels and sandwiches, it’s a prime spot for many to park up for a couple of hours or snap up something on the go.

Little Rogue 


This one takes the Melbourne laneway aesthetic to another level, Little Rogue situated down on Drewery Lane in the CBD is an absolute gem. The Japanese and Korean-inspired cafe is serving up quality small-batch roasted coffee from Shamble Coffee Roasters as well as special-import blends and single origins from Netherlands-based, Manhattan Coffee Roasters. The inside is quaint but cosy, with stools spread throughout and bar seating and with its bakery sibling, Bakemono Bakers, a couple of doors up, there are plenty of baked goods to sample. 

Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co. 


A longstanding titan of industry and a leader of wholesale coffee in Melbourne, Small Batch completely exploded across the city with its early crowd-pleasers like the ‘Candyman’ blend roast and other all-star collections. Famed for packing perfectly rounded flavour in every cup, Small Batch’s industrial space in North Melbourne serves as an outlet to get the goods on-site; with roasters churning in the background and hessian sacks filled with green beans hurled around the space—hot tip, a visit to Small Batch is never complete without adding one of their knock-out pastries to the order.

Bench Coffee Co 


Now a city-based institution for coffee, the architectural wonder, Bench Coffee has its flag planted firmly as one of the best cafes in Melbourne. The carefully curated space is like a dystopian designer store with an impeccable mixture of polished concrete, glass tiles, and a curved mirror that extends to the end of the store. The standing-room-only space is now one of the best cafes in Melbourne with seasonal blends, single-origin espresso and filter options from around the globe. On the bar with meticulous execution, the Bench baristas churn out cup after cup of perfectly extracted coffee. 

Market Lane 


There are several Market Lane locations across the city but the original and conveniently positioned Prahran Market store has its hat in the ring for one of the best cafes in Melbourne. Market Lane has always maintained a high quality and refined approach to their coffee churning out espresso at a vicious pace, the indoor section of the cafe gives a fast-paced yet intimate atmosphere, as well as a dedicated brew-at-home section for all your home base needs. On the menu, you'll find a slew of treats from Tivoli Road Bakers who are just down the road, and on the weekends you can sample their now-famous mushroom burgers. 

ONA Coffee


Specialty coffee powerhouse ONA Coffee has been on the scene for a while now, but after years of operating in their hometown of Canberra and Sydney, the team have finally set up an outpost in Melbourne which is best described as a sort of coffee Mecca. On the menu is over 15 coffee variants, along with milk, batch brews, pourovers, with cups ranging from $5 to $25. The team take their job seriously and will happily offer you any coffee-related guidance you may need.

Saint Dreux 


You’ve probably heard of Saint Dreux by now. It’s the sleek Tokyo-esque ‘coffee and katsu sandwich bar’ in St. Collins Lane. They do coffee and katsu sandwiches and that’s pretty much it (you can also get delicate black sesame castella cakes. Run by the same team behind Bench Coffee Co, the brews here are dialled in with perfection and each visit will leave you with that perfect level of caffeinated energy, balanced but not jittery. 

Dukes Coffee Roasters 


When the former Chapel Street operation shifted gears and opened up shop in Flinders Lane, it became an instant stalwart of the CBD, a must-visit destination for the teams of city workers and tourists alike. The hole-in-the-wall cafe at the bottom of the Ross House is renowned for its very tidy aesthetic and expertly pulled espresso and filter brews, from the Dukes Signature blend to a rotating array of organic single origins. There's a handy retail coffee section for loading up the home base as well as an incredible selection of baked goods.



It's tucked away but it's hard to miss, the Veneziano HQ in Richmond's Industrial Estate is a converted warehouse and certainly a sight to behold with Impossibly high ceilings, polished concrete floors, and lush plant life throughout. Knowing a thing or two about coffee, the Veneziano team has resided in the area since 2014, they're still continuing to serve up a range of the roastery's heavy hitters including two in-house blends, different daily single origins and bottomless filter brews. The food menu also never goes amiss from a hefty brekky burger to a staple smashed avo. 

Patricia Coffee Brewers 


Patricia is a speciality cafe that churns out cup after cup to its loyal base of CBD revellers. Receiving a coffee and pastry here is a true experience, either enjoyed shoulder to shoulder with fellow punters in the strictly standing area of the store or out amongst the bustle of the laneway aloft a milk crate in traditional Melbourne style. Coffee wise their beans are all roasted in-house (off location) and give daily worshippers a rotation of delicious seasonal espresso and filter blends, both have helped craft Patricia into one of the best cafes in Melbourne’s CBD.

Industry Beans 


Now a household name in the Melbourne cafe scene, Industry Beans has spread their empire across the city with stores located at Chadstone, Fitzroy and the CBD. Their fully in-house coffee operation is top of the range and their food is just as bloody good, a strong contender for one of the best cafes in Melbourne.

best cafes melbourne

Napier Quarter 


On the quiet leafy backstreets of Fitzroy, just a stone’s throw from Brunswick sits Napier Quarter. The little corner dwelling cafe has risen to fame for its classical style, the dark-stained wood and marble interior feels cosy yet refined. The coffee is always excellent and the anchovy with a boiled egg on sourdough dish is a revelation. 

Seven Seeds


One of the pioneers of Melbourne’s cafe scene, Seven Seeds have remained at the top because of their consistency. Their coffee is now pouring at cafes all over Melbourne but there’s no beating tasting it at their OG headquarters in Carlton. Along with quality coffee, their menu always hosts a range of reliable and delicious brunch options. 

Proud Mary


Known for their longstanding dominance of Collingwood’s coffee scene alongside their sister store Aunty Peg’s on Wellington Street, Proud Mary is a staple cafe. Quality coffee is guaranteed and typically so is a queue, their menu has a rotating selection of favourites including ricotta hotcakes and their sesame prawn toast with sambal eggs. 

best cafes melbourne



Looking more like an art gallery than a cafe ACOFFEE is one of the most spectacular spaces to enjoy a coffee in. Nestled just off Smith Street in Collingwood the lengthy converted warehouse has a roaster on-site and offers a range of their roasts and blends alongside a select range of pastries and doughnuts.



Another spot for where the weekend crowds tend to flock and tables are snapped up quickly, Babajan offers a unique twist of Melbourne-style cafe with modern Middle-Eastern cuisine. Sitting right on the edge of Carlton North in a welcoming corner store, you’ll find a range of tasty and soulful dishes as well shelves of deli-style products and preserves. 

best cafes melbourne



This home to sourdough and baked treats on Chapel Street is so much more than your standard bakery. This impeccably designed 100-seat cafe is state of the art, Rustica’s wide glass window showcases all the magic happening behind the scenes of the baking process. The open floor dining area allows you to soak up all this action whilst sampling the goods and putting back their in-house coffee, from sister store First Love

Good Times Milk Bar 


Just as the name suggests this quaint little milk bar serves up some quality goods, with a super laid-back style and a hefty menu of brunch items, it’s typically filled with a slew of devoted locals. From American-style burgers to pancakes, and a good old fashioned eggs benedict Good Times serves up all the right stuff. 

best cafes melbourne

All Are Welcome 


Right at the entrance to High Street Northcote All Are Welcome is another delicious hybrid cafe bakery that seems to be all the rage in Melbourne at the moment. They’ve got seriously good coffee, organic bread, and a range of sweet pastries, sandwiches, and cakes that have propelled them to popularity within the region. 

Monk Bodhi Dharma 


Just off the hustle and bustle of Carlisle Street Monk Bodhi Dharma is a unique gem in Melbourne’s cafe scene. With a plant-based menu and an extensive list of coffee from beans all over the globe and roasted on-site, Monk’s is one of the best cafes in Melbourne for vegan options and speciality coffee. 

best cafes in melbourne

Top Paddock


The queues for Top Paddock are a good indication of the breakfast awesomeness within. Gorgeous design meets tasty and inventive food, with a focus on quality local produce. A renowned spot across the city and easily one of the best cafes Melbourne has. 

Archies All Day 


Archies have become synonymous with the Sunday brunch in Melbourne, either as the spot to kick off your day with a cocktail or to help ease the pain of the previous night’s antics. Their spot-on Gertrude Street is typically heaving with hungry pilgrims looking to get amongst the action. 

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