The Minds Behind Chin Chin Are Opening A Two-Storey Grill-Driven Japanese Diner

By Rick Stephens
18th Mar 2021

There’s a certain hype that comes with whenever a new LUCAS venue opens, and it’s already coming in hot for restaurateur Chris Lucas’ just-announced Japanese haunt, Yakimono.

The two-storey venue comes as a collaboration between Lucas and Chef Martin Benn who both share a love for Japan, the country’s cuisine, and specifically grill and charcoal cooking—’yaki’ translates to grill in Japanese, so you can see where the duo is going with it.

For the aesthetic and experience within Yakimono, Lucas has drawn on his time living in Japan along with some of his favourite hangouts in Tokyo and beyond. In the kitchen, Benn will lean on the age-old traditions of cooking over fire while bringing his own unique flair and modern sensibilities to what’s plated up in front of you.

Yakimono is set to open late 2021, right next door to the soon-to-open LUCAS venue SOCIETY.

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Image credit: supplied

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