Salvatore The Seal Has Returned To Melbourne’s Yarra River Over Lockdown

By Rick Stephens
13th Aug 2021

A seal popping its head out of the water with a playful look on its face.

The global lockdown has brought upon us many unforeseen spectacles from the animal world. Hundreds of thousands of pink flamingoes took over Mumbai, jackals appeared en mass across Tel Aviv, and mountain goats descended from their perches to many a street across Wales. Now, a lone seal has made its way into Melbourne’s Yarra River.

The marine mammal was spotted by Gemima Cody last year in lockdown, who was walking her dog along the city’s arterial waterway when the seal flung up a fish from the depths below. And now, it appears our fish-hunting friend has returned to greet passers-by with a fish in mouth and a flipper out the water.

The recent footage comes courtesy of Instagram account @seally-friend, whose admin is doing the work everyone needs right now, and has put the call-out for footage and imagery to anyone who's spotted the playful creature.

This, however, isn’t the first time a seal has been spotted along the Yarra within close proximity to the CBD. It’s speculated that this morning’s sighting could have been the return 200kg fur seal known as Salvatore, who was first spotted in 2014, then three years later in 2017.

For those wanting to spend their two hours yard time looking for Salvatore, or at least his lookalike, a great place to start is the Yarra Trail near Richmond’s Bridge Road, where the occasional seal has been spotted in the past. Or, just check out the footage on @seally-friend's Instagram.

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Image credit: Unsplash

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