31 Dates You Should Have Been On In Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler - 26 Oct 2016


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So you can impress your favourite people with some fun-filled adventures this season, we’ve come up with 31 more date ideas in Auckland. You’re going to be oh so popular!

1. Take your loved one for a date at Auckland’s fanciest sushi joint, &sushi, with the newly opened spot at Cityworks Depot.

2. Hire a tandem bike and test your balance along Mission Bay.

3. Indulge in some fancy ice cream at Giapo.

4. Get 1kg of mussels for $30 at the Belgian Beer Café.

5. Watch a movie at the outdoor cinemas at Northwest Shopping Centre, on every Friday until Feb.

6. Get on that health bandwagon together and enjoy an infrared sauna.

7. Learn everything there is to know about coffee with a visit to Coffee Lab.

8. Walk along the beach and brunch while people watching (or dog watching) at Takapuna Beach Café.

9. Act like a child and challenge each other to who can bounce higher with a session at Uptown Bounce.

10. Take a day trip north of Auckland and go horse riding along Pakiri beach.

11. While you’re up there, spot some sea creatures while snorkelling at Goat Island.

12. And, on your way back don’t forget to stop and have a picnic at Wenderholm Regional Park.

13. Test your date’s swimming skills with a race out to the Pontoon at Waiake Beach.

14. Or if walking is more your thing, try a romantic stroll through one of Auckland’s prettiest walks

15. Time it well and see some live music at The Riverhead while enjoying a few brews.

16. Go strawberry picking and then eat your earnings out at Whenuapai.

17. If you’re trying to get to the next stage, take your loved one to Spookers so they’ll cling onto you purely out of fear.

18. Take them for a round of minigolf through the Enchanted Forest.

19. Test their skills on ice with a session of ice skating at Paradice Skate, just pretend you’re at Central Park.

20. And, if ice skating proves to be more difficult than expected, apologise with a dessert at Miann.

21. If you really want to impress the lover, take a helicopter to Waiheke and wine and dine at a winery.

22. If you want to get out on the water, go for a stand up paddle board session.

23. Spend the day bird watching at Tiritiri Matangi Island.

24. Or if spending the evening is more your thing, book a night at the Beach House on Kawau Island.

25. Get the juices flowing with some oysters on the Clevedon Coast.

26. Show your partner your dedication to New Zealand and watch a rugby game at Eden Park.

27. If you need a reason to get naked, head to the nudist beach, St Leonards in Takapuna.

28. If adventure is your middle name, take them for a bike ride at Woodhill Forest.

29. And, if you like living life on the edge, go for a rock climbing session.

30. Buy the game of the decade, a Kubb Set and take it to the beach for a round of Kubb.

31. Finish the date with a few brews at the Puhoi Pub.


Image credit: Mission Bay Promenade

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