43 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode Six

By Urban List Writers
16th Oct 2017

43 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode Six

Last night’s episode was a bit of a slow one, despite all the drama. Tonight saw the couples, after seven days of marriage, back in the same room together. And, as expected, there were tears and cold shoulders. What was a little (lot) unexpected was an argument that has left us cold. 

Without further ado, here were 43 thoughts we had while watching episode six of Married At First Sight.

  1. Everyone’s getting back together tonight…yusss!
  2. Will Hayden and Bel be there? Won’t be the same if they’re not.
    married at first sight nz
  3. Don’t worry Hayden. Women around the country think you should be the next Bachelor. 
  4. Dom is still the charmer.
  5. So why was Luke really on the show???
  6. “Are they in a thunderstorm while we’re showing in rainbows and unicorns?” Oh, Angel you’re infectious.
    married at first sight nz
  7. What was that random scene of Bel doing her hair? 
  8. “I feel like a bit of a pervert looking into these apartments.” Then STOP Angel!
  9. Rainbow-coloured hair ties? Brett is right on theme.
  10. Crikey, now we’re beginning to understand why Bel lost her shizzle. Hayden messaged her bridesmaid.
  11. And plays it up for the camera? Can’t wait to hear what Bel says about Hayden.
  12. Will Bell show up? Won’t Bell show up?
    married at first sight nz
  13. Did Andrew just do the sniff test? Gross!
  14. Come on Bel, we want to know your side!
  15. She’s committed to it? She was ending it five minutes ago?
  16. I don’t think any two people would want to be together 24/7 for five days…
  17. Ben and Aaron seem to be getting on ok. Not love, but ok.
  18. Don’t worry Ben, you’ve got plenty of company.
  19. Claire is seeing a bit of the green-eyed monster.
  20. Lacey you’re on Married at First Sight, been married for a week and it seems fake? I wonder why?
  21. Hang on who said they were scared and didn’t try? Didn’t you dump him, Lacey? SO CONFUSED.
  22. Is this the best conversation from Luke so far?
    married at first sight
  23. Check out the ornament on the mantelpiece? Haha Andrew would love it! 
  24. Yeah…maybe not call them puppies and babies to their faces Claire and Dom.
  25. The first two couples are the golden couples. Just wait.
    married at first sight
  26. That’s right, Claire. Shit has been going dowwwwn. 
  27. Aww Angel, you’re an angel to Lacey.
    married at first sight nz
  28. FINALLY, we find out what Luke apparently said. Doesn’t quite fit with our version of him, so we’ll hold our tongues. We reckon the horses mouth is always the go.
  29. Hang on, hang on! Lacey you basically told him you weren’t physically attracted to him! What did you want him to do?
    married at first sight nz
  30. Aaron has done away with his platinum hair??
    married at first sight
  31. Hayden looks roolly happy to be arriving with Bel. 
  32. Some of the brides are acting like they’re in a scene from Mean Girls.
  33. Lacey needs to talk to Luke, not Dom.
  34. We take that back. They both need to talk to each other not everyone else in the room.
  35. Luke was meant to say sorry? Does he even know what he did wrong?
  36. Ewww that mic is too close, we can hear them chewing!
  37. Dom could take over Tony and Pani’s job.
    married at first sight
  38. Give him a chance to defend himself, Lacey! 
  39. Luke is opening himself up wider than a crater. #vulnerable
  40. Nope, Lacey doesn’t want a bar of him. .
  41. This is Pani and Tony’s golden moment.
  42. “My family think you are a joke.” Ouchhhh, Lacey. You just crossed the nice line.
  43. All the drama! How will it end?? You know where we’ll be on Sunday!

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