62 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode Five

By Urban List Writers
15th Oct 2017

Let’s face it, we’re pretty much still in shock since the last explosive episode of Married At First Sight and we’re totally banking on Angel and Brett as being the one couple that makes our heart sing.

Obviously there was only one place to be on Sunday night—plonked in front of our screens.

And here were 62 thoughts we had while watching tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight.

  1. Popcorn is at the ready. Bring. It. On.
  2. Yuss! The bubble bath scene is tonight!
  3. Ben’s feeling worse for wear. That’s coz he drunk his feelings.
  4. Ben's already got his running shoes on. Runaway husband?
    married at first sight nz
  5. Yes, we all remember the most awkward kiss of the show. So far. 
  6. Ben is holding onto that water bottle for dear life.
    married at first sight nz
  7. Oh Angel your laugh makes the whole country laugh. 
  8. Angel seems to handle a trip to Oz a whole lot better than Bel did.
  9.  “She’s a big country out here, eh?” Brett is Kiwi through and through.
  10. “You feel like you’re in the fast lane 24/7.” That’s coz you are, Angel.
  11. Brad? Brad? Who the hell is Brad? 
  12. Vicky has all the giggles for Andrew.
  13. Andrew, you’re meant to ask her what side SHE wants. #manners
  14. Vicky isn’t feeling any chemistry but she’s being super nice. Ben could learn a thing or two.
  15. “Ben is definitely very hungover, hopefully that’s all there is to it.” Aaron keeps making excuses for Ben’s behaviour.
    married at first sight ben and aaron
  16. The train wreck continues.
  17. Pani says that there was a reason the couples were matched. Looking forward to hearing why these two were. 
  18. Dramatic music…this is gonna be bad.
  19. “I’ve been quite like a brick wall.” Yes, yes you have, Ben.
  20. These two are gulping back the alcohol.
  21. Vicky: “It’s really nice to spend some time with Andrew without anyone else around.” The camera crew must be invisible.
    married at first sight nz
  22. “It’s time for some deeper conversations. I want to find out some things about him that I don’t know.” How deep are we going here, Vicky? 
  23. Uh oh. I don’t think Vicky wants to know about Andrew’s past relationships…
  24. Hang on Andrew, what about the two exes who became strippers?
  25. Naww Vicky. You’re well rid of that ex.
  26. “I don’t know how anyone could ignore her.” Andrew’s rather smitten.
  27. Andrew wants someone with a bit of class. Is now the time to bring up the pig?
  28. It’s the honeymoon and Vicky wants him to get a haircut. Burnnnn.
    married at first sight nz
  29. “Happy wife, happy life.” Never were truer words spoken, Vicky. 
  30. Andrew is in his heart and in his head, not on the outside. We like the way he thinks.
  31.  “They might be like, she’s trying to change you.” That’s because you ARE, Vicky.
  32. “If you cut Brett open he would be like rainbows.” Best. Comment. Ever.
    married at first sight nz
  33. Angel thinks this is the most awkward bath ever. She obvs hasn’t seen Claire and Dom’s wee splash. 
  34. Angel’s talking about the end of the experience and the renewal of vows.
  35. Are they married or are they not?? Tell us the truth!!
    married at first sight nz
  36. Discovering your new husband wears Stubbies and a singlet all summer. 
  37. “I’ve had rough guys before.” Tell us more, Vicky.
  38. “You’re pretty good looking.” “You’re so nice to me.” Oh Vicky, you really have been dating frogs.
  39. Ok, let’s move on from the port already.
  40. Aaron, that guy isn’t doing anything just to please you.
  41. “You’re not usually the kind of guy I would go for.” That was a kind way of saying it, Ben.
  42. Vicky and Andrew have potential.
  43. Oh gawd they’ve given them all selfie sticks.
  44. Pani is very good at stating the obvious. 
    married at first sight
  45. Yeehaw! Brett is rocking that cowboy hat. 
  46. Both Angel and Vicky love how they’re being treated. Kiwi guys need to up their game!
    married at first sight nz
  47. Is Andrew going hunting?
  48. Andrew wants it to be a ‘functioning’ relationship at some point. Not hard to read what he actually means!
  49. Side note: does Vicky do her own hair? Those braids are amazing!
    married at first sight nz
  50. Aaron’s cheated and a cheater broke Ben’s heart. This isn’t good. 
  51. Aaron is really not very good at reading Ben. 
  52. Honouring personal boundaries is a good thing.
  53. Brett fell in love at first sight on Married At First Sight….we love it!
  54. “I don’t know a diamond from a grain of sand because I keep getting grains of sand.” Rainbows and diamonds, Angel is funny AF.
  55. Why camp when you can glamp?
  56. Cut off from the world, cut off from Instagram. Ben, we feel your pain.
    married at first sight
  57. Is Brett Clark Kent? 
  58. Andrew is hella confused right now.
  59. And Vicky is in tears. This ain’t good.
  60. But geez they are so so cute.
  61. Finally, Aaron is picking up on Ben’s vibe...and dude, he's allowed to not want physical contact. 
  62.  Oooh! They’re all going to be together tomorrow night! Can’t wait!

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