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Delicious Treats To Devour This Easter

By Georgia Summerton
17th Apr 2019

Easter | Foodie News You Need To Know
Easter time is the ultimate holiday for all of the sweet-toothed foodies out there. From the classic flavours we all grew up eating in the forms of hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, to more modern and unique creations like creme egg milkshakes, there is plenty of delicious treats to devour this Easter. Auckland is blessed with endless options to indulge this long weekend, whether it's heading out to eat, picked up from a store or a gift for a loved one.
Take a look at all of the Easter foodie news you need to know. 

House Of Chocolate Has Handpainted Eggs 

The luxurious and hand-crafted chocolate from House of Chocolate is the ultimate indulgent treat and make especially beautfiul gifts. The experts have pulled through with some stunning Easter creations which are carefully crafted and decorated, each individually painted and sprayed with coloured cocoa butter, making each one completely unique—the best part is what is hidden inside. The couverture chocolate egg hides a salted caramel dark chocolate bunny, Callebaut crispearls and mini speckled chocolate eggs. The golden chocolate egg is a real show-stopper, filled with caramelised mixed nut dragees. The white chocolate egg is filled with a salted caramel filled bunny, Callebaut caramel coated toasted biscuit crispearls and mini speckled solid eggs. Be sure to take a look at the limited edition eggs while they are around. 

Easter-Inspired Cookie Pies Are A Thing

Auckland’s favourite spot to stock up on homemade cookies, Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar is the place to go for all of your chewy, soft, slightly crunchy cookie needs. Made with only the best ingredients available, Moustache takes pride in each one of their scrumptious creations. Of course, they had to bring out an Easter special and it is definitely worth getting excited about. This month, the cookie pies are fully Easter inspired with the two limited edition flavours, the Crème Egg cookie pie and the speckled egg cookie pie. They won't be around long so be sure to get in quick. 

Little Lato Have Three Easter-Inspired Gelato Flavours

All about creating authentic, innovative and all-around delicious gelato, the Little Lato team learned their techniques from Italy and pride themselves on offering the real deal. The gelato, sorbet, vegan and gluten-free options make this a destination for everyone wanting a sweet treat. In celebration of all things Easter, there are three inspired gelato flavours available for your devouring. They are the fluffy chocolate marshmallow, Easter egg smash and our top pick the hot cross bun gelato—freshly baked hot cross buns smooshed into spiced gelato. Yes, please.

Molly Woppy's Chocolate Dipped Cookies

The family-owned artisan company Molly Woppy are very, very passionate about baking. Using classic recipes with fresh modern flavours, they create cookies and sweet treats that are perfectly crafted and utterly delicious. Their Easter creations this year are as adorable as they are delectable. There are tins of chocolate dipped, handmade shortbread eggs and boxes of white chocolate topped gingerbread bunny ears amongst the Easter spread. These make sweet gifts or treats to have around the house over the long weekend, best enjoyed dipped in a cuppa or hot choccy. 

Giapo's Interactive Dessert 

The ice cream kitchen that isn’t afraid to try something new, Giapo is not disappointing us this Easter with something equally as fun as it is delicious. The new creation, Tu Kohatu, or Stacking Stones, draws inspiration from a traditional Maori game. The game is all about balancing smooth stones one on top of the other to form a tower, trying to get as high as possible before they topple over. Giapo has spun the game into an interactive edible version, that uses smooth, chocolate-coated, ice-cream filled Easter egg-shaped ‘stones’. You can have a go at trying to stack the eggs in a column, as high as you can without tumbling—and of course, the best part of all is eating them afterwards.

Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Doughnuts From DOE

Creating fluffy doughnuts topped with the most unbelievable flavour combinations, DOE is known for their unique and absolutely delicious sweet treats. Sticking to three weekly flavours means quality doughnuts every time, as the small business pride themselves on making each flavour combination mind-blowingly good and unique. For Easter, there are three specially created flavours that are bound to impress: hot cross bun with orange and honey mascarpone, hot cross bun with jam filling and for something more simple, cinnamon spice. Be sure to get online and have a look whilst they are still around. 

Get Your Marshmallow Eggs From Queen Anne

Going strong since 1920, Queen Anne is the chocolate masters that have consistently produced a luxurious and delightful range of chocolates for New Zealand’s consumption. Their marshmallow Easter egg boxes are out now, and the flavours are next level good. With dark chocolate pineapple, milk chocolate toasted coconut, dark chocolate coffee latte amongst the other classic flavours, there really is so much goodness to try. Queen Anne is available online and in stores around the country and makes the perfect pantry addition for Easter weekend. 

Whitakers Release Their First Ever Easter Kiwis

The proud Kiwi chocolate brand we all know and love, Whitakers is an iconic part of New Zealand’s identity. Family owned and operated since 1896, and made in Wellington, the chocolate company has remained humble and honest throughout their growing success. This Easter, Whitakers have brought the nation their first ever Whitakers Chocolate Kiwi. Made with the same milk and dark chocolate that we know, they taste as delicious as you could imagine. The best part? 20 cents from each Kiwi sold will go to the amazing team at Kiwis for Kiwi, who is on a mission to save the endangered national bird. 

The Caker Goes Next Lever For Easter

The Caker are renowned for their beautiful and seriously indulgent cakes and cake mixes and are bringing out some extra special creations this Easter. The Easter Egg Hunt Cake is a raspberry and caramelised white chocolate cake, topped with lightly infused matcha cream cheese icing, garnished with cookie soil, dried edible flower petals, micro-greens and House of Chocolate eggs. The Hot Cross Bun Cake is full of all of the familiar spices, dark chocolate chunks, currants and candied orange of a classic Easter bun. Topped with a cinnamon-laced cream cheese icing and decorated with a ganache cross, chopped hazelnuts, Valrhona chocolate pearls, freeze dried blackcurrants and a House of Chocolate bunny filled with cinnamon ganache. Get your orders in while you can.

Miann Creates All Off The Easter Treats

The luxury dessert restaurant does all things decadent and extremely indulgent so you can bet that come Easter time, Miann would be dishing up all sorts of treats. Their version of a hot cross bun uses handcrafted chocolate that is made on sight, the soft and spongy buns contrast with the crunchy dark chocolate chunks throughout, which when slightly toasted go finger-licking melty and extra delicious. To really take things up a notch, opt for a scoop of gelato over the usual butter and find yourself in some kind of hot cross heaven you didn’t know was possible. Miann also has an inventive take on a carton of eggs—six milk, dark or white chocolate eggs filled with scorched hazelnuts ready to take home in a classic egg carton, amongst many other Easter inspired creations to choose from. 

Hotel DeBrett’s Bohemian Easter 

Partnering with Wellington’s Bohemian Fresh Chocolates for the month of April, Hotel DeBrett invites you along to their Bohemian Easter. With special, chocolatey additions to their menus there is every opportunity to indulge. For breakfast there are fluffy bohemian crepes with dark chocolate, berries, crème Chantilly and milk chocolate cremeux. For dessert, there is dark chocolate pavlova with chocolate crumb, mandarin, meringue, raspberry sorbet and white chocolate foam. Amongst these delightful dishes is the high tea which will also have a bohemian Easter twist, and daily in the DeBretts Lounge are bohemian hot cross buns and hot chocolate drinks, as well as ‘choc’tails for something with a kick. 

Get Yourself A Crème Egg Milkshake 

Crème egg milkshakes are a thing. You heard right, Orleans has done it again and are bringing back the most decadent treat of all for the month of April. The famous little eggs are blended into cold and indulgent milkshakes, topped with whipped cream, sweet caramel sauce and finished off with a cream egg. Even better is the option to turn it into a hardshake, adding Absolut Vodka. Yes. Please. (Orleans is closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Easter Monday). 

Willy Wonka Spectacular Extravaganza At De Post Belgian Beer 

Easter weekend means chocolate on chocolate and just wait until you get a hold of this. De Post is bringing Auckland a Belgian Chocolate Festival and it is as dreamy as it sounds. If you have always wanted to get a glimpse inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, then it is your very lucky day. There will be chocolate everything, full meals, desserts, cocktails, hot drinks as well as chocolate inspired games, hidden golden tickets, chocolate challenges and heaps of prizes up for grabs. Willy Wonka himself will be there not that you need more convincing to head along. 

Image Credit: Little 'Lato

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